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Reformers triumph in native title group row


A meeting to sack several prominent members of the influential native title organisation, Lhere Artepe Aboriginal Corporation, collapsed in turmoil, according to people attending the closed gathering.
The sacking motions were not put, which was a triumph for reformers who are dissatisfied with the CEO, Darryl Pearce.
They are angry about the sidelining of members with high traditional standing, and financial management which they say lacks transparency.
This follows major investments by the corporation in real estate and supermarkets, benefitting from Federal cash injections.
The Office of the Registrar of Aboriginal Corporations (ORIC), a Federal instrumentality, came in for vigorous criticism for not intervening resolutely in the protracted row.
The film clip shows native title holders outside the meeting room, and interviews with – in that order – former Lhere Artepe CEO Frank Ansell; Ian Conway, a leading figure in the reform group; and Janice Harris, a seasoned administrator of local Aboriginal organisations.
Lhere Artepe chairman Brian Stirling did not respond to an invitation to comment.
He had early in the meeting rejected a move for a secret ballot, according to a member at the meeting.
FOOTNOTE: With respect to Mr Ansell’s comment in the film clip, the Alice Springs News knows Mrs Pearce’s mother was an Aboriginal woman.


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