PRISONERS: Solar panels, food grown in sand

We’ll be producing three things: food, electricity and the science of the two in co-existence.

ELECTRICITY: The solar panels facing north [1] will have a fixed angle. Those rotating [2] east to west will automatically follow the sun.

The positioning of the panels on the ground [3] will provide a further opportunity for exposing the ground for the growing of food – the bigger the gaps the more sunshine.

PRINCIPLES: Light (easy to transport] and expensive plants preferred. Unlike the rest of Australia (the world?) we have no labour shortage: Internees who will be paid fairly, even generously, but they are in close vicinity.

The engineering must permit distribution of sunlight at an optimal level, expansion and contraction.

St Philip’s Jennifer Frank, Startup Business Education and Program Director, Leigh Morgan & Principal, Roger Herbert, Chermay Chaves on 0414 330889 may add detail.