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Top End nursing: footy injuries, common cold to heart attack


Two suicides occurred while I was there, and suddenly the statistics became a reality, writes nursing student  BRONTE HEWETT (pictured) after a two week stint arranged by Flinders NT in Arnhem Land.

A shield against suicide

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Three Aboriginal people are lost to suicide every week. A crowdfunding campaign for an app is now trying to bring relief.

Dept of Children & Families toxic, repressive, say staff

p2349 Dept of Children and Families SMThe death, believed to have been a suicide, of a colleague triggers whistleblower revelations of "yelling at staff, imposing unreasonable workloads, isolating staff, spreading rumours, putting people down" and a string of other allegations by a "repressive gang" in the Alice Springs office. EXCLUSIVE by ERWIN CHLANDA. Image from the DCF website.


What leads to people thinking about suicide?

Patterns of behaviour emerge from the
sad stories of suicide. In the wake of the recent tragic deaths by
suicide of five young Aboriginal people in our region, the Alice Springs
News spoke to Craig San Roque, a psychotherapist and member of the
steering committee of Life Promotion, Central Australia's suicide
prevention program. He has had experience over many years of
collaboration with Aboriginal people, in particular with traditional
healers. He speaks of the problems using the image of the hand.

"For some people suicide is structural, like the back of their hand,
with them all the time as a meditated, premeditated action, though it
may be disguised, covered over with a skin." KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Suicide: a new and growing problem among NT Aborigines


Suicide is a new and growing problem for Aboriginal people in the
Northern Territory. The only detailed published study, looking at data
from 1981 to 2002, shows that there was only one suicide by an
Indigenous man in the NT in 1981, in contrast to seven that year by
non-Indigenous men. In the 22 year period the first suicide by an
Indigenous woman was not until 1991, while between one and three by
non-Indigenous women had been recorded in every year since 1984 and four
were recorded that year.

The study by Mary-Anne Measey, Shu Qin Li and Robert Parker was
published in 2005 by the NT Department of Health and Community Services.
It reports that the rate of suicide amongst men in the NT, both
Indigenous and non-Indigenous, increased during the 1990s and early
2000s, while the Australian rate remained stable. KIERAN FINNANE reports. Drawing by Sue McLeod for Suicide Stories: Feeling unloved and surrounded by grog abuse and violence.

Lifeline - 13 11 14

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Anderson blames ganja for youth suicides

With the funeral of a nephew who took his own life fresh in her mind,
MLA Alison Anderson in last night's Legislative Assembly debates asked
for a breakdown of statistics on suicide in the Northern Territory. She
wants to see what the picture is in urban, rural and remote settings,
suspecting that, from her experience, young people in remote communities
are more vulnerable.

The nephew buried last week in Mutitjulu was the second in Ms
Anderson's family to suicide this winter. The second young man took his
life in a suburban street of  Alice Springs. He was buried in
Hermannsburg on the same day as his father, who Ms Anderson says died
from alcoholism. PICTURE ABOVE: MLA Alison
Anderson at a rally this year outside Parliament during its sittings in
Alice Springs. By her side is Councillor Mildred Inkamala (pink shirt)
of the MacDonnell Shire Council. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Lifeline - 13 11 14

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