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Eight Labor heavies will decide fracking

... and they will do it behind closed doors. Bruce Francais of Katherine comments.

Town council's unanimous 'no' to fracking

2468 Marli Banks 1 SM



An initiative by Cr Marli Banks (pictured) gets full support for urging the government to keep in place forever the current moratorium on the controversial mining practice.

Fracking probe: Part risks raised, part industry pitch

p2410 fracking probe SM


Idyllic billabong or insidious fracking site? The panel will examine 66 "risk themes" but seems to accept industry claims that shale gas production is more benign than coal seam gas, despite both requiring drilling through the water table. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Gunner 'backflipped' on fracking moratorium



The anti-fracking lobby, which has played a major role in the NT election campaign, is outraged over what new Chief Minister Michael Gunner has announced this morning about the moratorium that was a cornerstone of his policies. ALEC spokeswoman Nicole Pietsch (pictured) has joined the Lock the Gate Alliance in an attack on the new Chief Minister.


UPDATE 4:50pm


Disquiet over fracking at Town Council meeting



The only way to protect aquifers at present is “not to drill”. So says Councillor Eli Melky, a perhaps unexpected bedfellow for anti-fracking protesters, pictured this morning outside the annual Geoscience Exploration Seminar at the Convention Centre.  KIERAN FINNANE  reports.


LETTER: Sticking our heads in the sands of the Todd (re-published with Maxine Cook's comment)

It is remarkable how little comment there has been to mark the recent expiry of the 20 year moratorium that had prevented the construction of a flood mitigation dam on the Todd River north of Alice Springs, says letter-writer ALEX NELSON. He summarises what is known about the town's susceptibility to flooding and notes that the Imparja headquarters (pictured above) would be inundated by more than a metre of water above ground level in a 100 year flood. The Civic Centre and the Alice Springs Public Library are equally at risk.

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