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Government cuts to curtail family daycare



Families in Alice Springs could feel the impact of funding cuts to family day care, as the far-reaching consequences are realised around the country, writes Erica Johansson of Alice Springs Family Day Care.


Canberra, Darwin – hand in hand getting it wrong



The railway overpass outside Alice Springs and the Arlparra (Utopia) police station (pictured) have three things in common: They are useless (given far more pressing needs), are paid for by Canberra yet are touted by the Giles spin doctors as something which the NT Government is doing for the local economy. COMMENT by ERWIN CHLANDA.


Stuart is holding the wrong rifle





Just as you thought the row over the Stuart statue is all over, gun enthusiast Des Nelson has discovered the weapon the explorer is holding – the subject of so much criticism – is the wrong one.


Fracking company says it has deals with Central Land Council



The Norwegian oil company StatOil says agreements it has with the Central Land Council disprove claims by the Arid Lands Environment Centre that the firm has "no fracking social license in the NT". ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: StatOil facility in North Africa.


Central Land Council retreats deeper into its bunker


The Central Land Council (CLC) is dealing with the bitter conflict between chairman Maurie Japarta Ryan and director David Ross by retreating deeper into its bunker. According to a document (partly shown above) leaked to the Alice Springs News Online people making statements to media on the issues face expulsion. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. 


A big trek for a big cause




As the world capital of swags Alice Springs is a fitting place for three people to embark on an epic journey – and so is their mode of transport. They are setting out to raise money for swags to be donated to homeless people around Australia, and they're doing it in a camel wagon. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Put town planning into the hands of the people




Public comment on the latest White Gums land development proposal close tomorrow. Similar projects have stalled, including Ron Sterry's in Ragonesi Road (at left). Have we learned?

Stuart statue competes against a light pole



It's up – but not quite. There's still a bit of work to be done. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Telstra service horrendous, says Alice farm area resident




Telstra's service in the southern part of Alice Springs is clearly close to collapse as internet browsing, increasingly, is mostly slow or not available at all. PHOTO: Using Tourism NT's free WiFi in Todd Mall as Telstra service in the farm areas is letting locals down. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Interim board for Desert Knowledge Australia?




The NT Government is in the process of appointing an interim board for the troubled Desert Knowledge Australia (DKA), according to a source asking not to be named. One member is said to be Ken Johnson (pictured).


Medicare: We can't spend money we don't have

The letter from Dr Craig San Roque (18/7/2014) in relation to mental health services to the Western Desert requires a response. It is inaccurate in relation to circumstances and fact, writes Dr Andrew Bell, Chair, Northern Territory Medicare Local.

For heaven's sake, it's Rock'n Roll





Your guess: He's a man of the cloth. He writes Rock'n Roll. He's a high energy live music performer. He has The Centre in his DNA. Who is he?
ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Go to FULL STORY and watch the video.


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