Monday, September 28, 2020

The freedom of the press still furnishes that check upon government which no constitution has ever been able to provide – Chicago Tribune.

Kieran Finnane


Street names, statues: why change matters



Concerns with contemporary social problems should not be used as an excuse for not reckoning with the wrongs of the past, says Joel Liddle Perrurle. He spoke with KIERAN FINNANE. 

A touch of light: The bounty



"On hands and knees I closed the gap between den and camera, finally settling on a large fallen log to provide my improvised hide." MIKE GILLAM in search of dingos. 

Election signs controversy over



The Town Council has brought its timeframe into line with the NT Government’s, effective 17 July. 

A room, a river, an island, a view



"In my ears still was the satisfying sound of gravel crunching underfoot, and not just the sound but the connection between the sound and the weight of my body as I stepped around a small parcel of ‘river’ inside a translucent white room." KIERAN FINNANE reviews Gabriel Curtin's show at Watch This Space.

Architect & heritage campaigner to run in Araluen for Federation Party


Domenico Pecorari is a long-time resident of Araluen, whose work experience includes ten years of administering building programs in central Australian Aboriginal communities, as well as managing heritage conservation work on many of central Australia’s historic places. 

Council, NTG: spending money for locals



Council will move today to take up the NT Government’s dollar for dollar discount voucher scheme, assisting local businesses affected by the Covid-19 downturn. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

A touch of light: Winter woodland



Abundant and widespread in Centralia, Black-faced and masked wood-swallows are often seen at dusk in large flocks, numbering in the hundreds, writes MIKE GILLAM. 

24 hours to remove election signs



Under council policy election campaign materials signs can only be displayed once the electoral roll closes. That date for the upcoming election is July 31. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

US Marine in Darwin has tested positive for Covid-19

The man has been in quarantine since his arrival in Darwin on 8 July.


The militarised centre of Australia


The Northern Territory and South Australia trade on the allure of openness and possibilities but there is a weight to the increasingly militarised swathe running south to north right through the centre of Australia. KIERAN FINNANE comments.


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