Territory Alliance to ‘lock the gate’ on fracking




Sir – The Territory Alliance will ban fracking in the Northern Territory due to widespread community concern and the unviable economic case of this controversial practice.


There is no social licence for fracking in the Northern Territory, with very real environmental concerns about its impact upon groundwater supplies and an oversupplied international gas market.


Under a Territory Alliance Government no more production permits will be issued, existing exploration licences will not be renewed and current operations will be subject to tough community and environmental safeguards.


Territory Alliance will undertake urgent regulatory reform to ensure there is independent oversight of existing operations and that the decommissioning and rehabilitation of wells meets the highest standard.


It is not OK to pump scores of millions dollars, probably hundreds if the industry was to go ahead, of Territoryans’ money into an economically unviable industry under a promise of more boom bust cycle jobs and economic activity that simply can’t be supported by the economic case.


Labor’s decision to reopen the gate to fracking has fractured trust in the wider community.


It is important to note that gas production in other jurisdictions has sought exemptions due to not meeting the sustainability bench marks for emissions levels (methane and CO²), impact on water sustainability (consumption and quality) and environmental damage across the whole life cycle of natural gas from extraction to storage, transport and end use.


Global investors are marking fracking jurisdictions down as increased sovereign risk.


Territory Alliance Leader Terry Mills (pictured).





  1. I would like to believe Ms Lambley but I cannot: You can’t run with the fox and hunt with the hounds.
    “Territory Alliance maintains it will support a fracking industry in the NT, if it is viable without government subsidies and conducted strictly in accordance with all 135 recommendations from a scientific inquiry into the practice.” ABC News By Felicity James, Posted 10 March 2020.
    I simply cannot believe the Territory Alliance party will honour their promises.
    Labor said the same prior to the last election that there will be no fracking.
    Financial pressure will be applied and Territory Alliance will cave in.
    I will not be voting for Ms Lambley’ Territory Alliance as this story has depressed me to the point I feel so betrayed and the planet also.
    How can we trust politicians with such furfies so close to an election?

  2. “The economic and environmental benefits of gas are why a Territory Alliance government will permit the onshore gas industry (fracking) to continue for now, but only under the strictest environmental standards and only with the gas industry paying for all compliance.”
    Terry Mills, January 26, 2020, NT News.
    Terry Mills certainly has a hide. Not five months ago he was penning an op-ed piece outlining his support for fracking citing, “economic and environmental benefits”. If anyone wants to take his promises at face value I have a bridge to sell you.

  3. CLP and ALP both are gung ho into fracking. I suggest letting your local member know they are at the bottom of your preferences until they change their mind on that.
    Especially the Labor members whose Territory conference voted against fracking but a few at the top decided to overrule them.
    If you don’t trust Mills mob put him third last, above CLP and ALP. Vote for a trustworthy independent if you can.

  4. I would like a written record from Territory Alliance to the people of the Northern Territory confirming its non fracking commitment.
    We were told by Territory Alliance that fracking is fine, it’s OK and now so close to an election it changes its policy to non fracking?
    Time to call this practice out as it damages the democratic process. There really should be a register for policies and a good reason given if not implemented.
    This works in the United States and if the policy fails or ignored the member is removed after a petition and a by-election is promulgated.
    CLP are ALP are not perfect but at least on this issue we know that they will do as they promise.
    So disappointing from Territory Alliance.
    Not voting Territory Alliance as a principle protest vote.

  5. I commend the Territory Alliance on their announcement earlier this week to ban fracking in the NT. We fully support the reasons given for this ban: that there is no social license for fracking in the NT; that there is no economic windfall to come out of a fracking industry in the NT; that the fracking industry in other jurisdictions has failed to meet benchmarks for emission levels, water sustainability and environmental damage; and, like Territory Alliance, we do not support continued government subsidies to the industry. $94 million over 10 years is well and truly more than enough.
    The fossil fuel industry has wasted no time defending their interests.
    We trust Territory Alliance can take heart from polling results published earlier this week by Media Reach that show 86% of the 1264 residents questioned from across the NT opposed fracking.
    We will watch Territory Alliance with great interest, as many of us remember that NT Labor won government with a moratorium on fracking and then overturned that moratorium despite overwhelming support from NT Labor members for a ban.
    NT Labor and CLP beware: fracking is a key election issue.
    Dianna Newham
    On behalf of the Central Australian Frack Free Alliance Inc.

  6. In Darwin I cannot say fracking is a big issue.
    What I do know is we had morning tea with my neighbours and we saw the flip flop on fracking cartoon with Mr Mills thongs everywhere, it was very funny.
    I have been around long enough to know when an election is on politicians will say anything to get your vote.
    My 98 year old friend reckons Mr Mills is a few roos loose in the top paddock if we are going to believe he will keep his fracking promise. Sorry about the language.

  7. Come on, seriously Mr Mills!
    My teacher would always say: “I did not come down in the last shower.”
    You told me personally, face to face, fracking is a good thing as long as it is done properly.
    Now you want us to believe you have had such a change of heart that you now do not want fracking.
    I smell a VOTE grab.
    How can Mrs Lambley in Alice Springs have any credibility with this pork barrelling going on?
    My teacher would scold you Mr Mills for say “Fracking Rubbish!”
    LOL, politicians think we are all dummies.

  8. No Fracking is an election message for fools. Like the sale of the Darwin port. Once it’s started there is no turning back and it has already started. So whom are you kidding?

  9. @ Eleanor Diflo: Fools is dead right. Fracking is proven safe and economic.
    Terry Mills: Global investors are marking fracking jurisdictions down as increased sovereign risk. This is a lie.
    If there’s something I cannot abide it is vote grabbing or pork barrelling.
    Mills knows the US are now the largest exporter of gas and oil, it’s driving their economy through the roof.
    There’s NO sovereign risk there with fracking, its proved safe and economic.
    I can see why the NT is in such a state of disrepair with political FOOLS like Mills, and Robyn Lambley who has sold herself out by joining his vengeance party.
    God help the Northern Territory, or will it be absorbed by neighbouring states because it cannot pay its bills?


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