Gunner ‘border madness’ costs 580 Territory jobs: TA




Sir –  Chief Minister Michael Gunner’s failure to open the Northern Territory’s borders to tourists from states that have COVID-19 under control will cost business and workers dearly each and every day until July 17.


Economic modelling from the Australian Tourism Industry Council puts daily job losses in the NT at 20 as a result of our borders being closed – that’s more per capita than any other state or territory.


On the day unemployment spiked to 7.1% the Chief Minister decided keeping his job was more important than creating work for unemployed Territorians.


At the very least the NT should be cashing in on South Australians eager to escape the cold, wet weather of a southern winter.


South Australia is effectively COVID-19 free, not having had a case of community transmission since March 24 – almost three months ago.


The 1.8 million South Australians trapped inside their borders in the middle of a bitter winter would look longingly at the prospect of a holiday in the NT at the moment.


Each year thousands of South Australian flee the southern winter for warmer destinations and at the moment they have nowhere to go that is as safe, warm and welcoming as the Territory.


From the NT-SA border to the Arafura Sea there are tourist businesses and their employees desperately in need of customers. “


Michael Gunner needs to overturn his selfish decision to keep the borders closed today.


Dale McIver (pictured)

Territory Alliance candidate for Braitling





  1. I don’t know about “selfish”, but certainly would be sensible to reciprocate SA’s recent opening to NT.

  2. It is all so easy to be critical when you are not responsible for making serious critical decisions.
    I take my hat off to all the political leaders around Australia who have had to try and plot a safe course through this current horrible pandemic.
    By and large politics has not reared its ugly head during this pandemic.
    Cheap political shots such as the would-be politician above has made help no one.

  3. As long as all other states keep their borders closed to Victoria and New South Wales we should be right to open our borders once again.
    Look at the stats. Do the research and let the people come in.
    Just keep out anyone with NSW or Victorian plates.
    Or at least force them into a maximum security hotel accommodation for two weeks. The visitors should also pay for their own accommodation. If they can’t afford it then go back to where they came from.


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