Party full throttle in battle against fracking


Sir – Thank you for the article by Mark Smith on Terry Mills and Territory Alliance.
We  – The Ban Fracking Fix Crime Protect Water Party (BFFCPWP) – advertised for candidates for all 25 seats towards the end of last year and received some very interesting applications. Several were from Central Australia and included Alice Springs, communities and stations.
Then the Johnston by-election popped up and we made a strategic decision to throw our resources into supporting our pre-selected candidate, Braedon Earley and hold off most other pre-selections until that election was over.
You may not be aware but in the five year history of BFFCPWP, unlike our competitors, we have never taken any donations from gas and mining companies, big business, alcohol makers or distributors and unions.
We cannot and will not be bought. It has been very tough personally and financially but we are very focused on our mission to provide better, corruption free government for all Territorians.
We do all this literally on the smell of an oily rag – we know how to make a dollar do the work of 10!
By the way, if you want to know what we think about how donations influence the political system, have a look at our submission (under the name of our previous name, 1 Territory Party) to the Mansfield Inquiry into political donations.
Back to the by-election: At this stage, Braedon is the only anti- fracking candidate. All the other candidates support fracking the NT.
As an aside, we know we are having an influence, certainly on this by-election, as all of a sudden all the other parties are copying our policies and even using the same words! No imagination on their part.
I am sure you are very well informed on the fracking issue. As a political party we are unusual in that we have a research unit and we have, between us, probably read just about everything ever written about fracking and water issues.
I have written and published a paper (and have two others still uncompleted on other topics!) on the issue of well remediation costs in the NT.
I apologise if it is a bit academic but hopefully the quantum will be understood and is clear. We would be very happy to answer any queries you might have or direct you to any other research.
Sue Fraser-Adams (pictured)
President, The Ban Fracking Fix Crime Protect Water Party


  1. Life is largely about “positioning” – how do we locate them in the phone book etc.
    So a cleverer party name is essential. A catchy acronym should follow: whether you like them or not, ALP and CLP have a head start.
    The cumbersome acronym re sexuality is a good example of how not to do it.
    BF******** invites dodgy play on words.
    I think the platform of “ban fracking and restore law an order” will be popular.

  2. @ Sue Fraser-Adams: Maybe you can explain the below after all you have an answer for everything else. Thanks Richard.
    Posted January 12, 2020 at 8:03 pm
    @ Braedon Earley: In your video for Johnston posted on December 28, 2019, just 44 seconds in, you say you grew up in “Johnston, Alawa in fact, you had sone of your fondest memories there.”
    But on February 5, 2018 at the Darwin Convention Centre, giving evidence to the Fracking Inquiry before Justice Pepper, you said the following: “My name is Braedon Earley, born and raised in the Roper River.”
    If you were born and raised on the Roper River why then are you telling everyone you were born and bred in Darwin and raised in Alawa as the candidate for Johnston?

  3. It’s time to end our reliance on the notion of political parties.
    What we need in our parliaments and assemblies are elected individuals of integrity and competence, who can negotiate and cooperate with one another to provide the best standard of governance for all.
    The evidence built up over many years demonstrates that political parties cannot be relied upon for the provision of good government.
    They may start off well intentioned but inevitably end up being captured by powerful vested interests that equate their own aims to the public good.
    I think it’s well overdue that another approach towards government and administration is given serious consideration.

  4. I am so tired of political parties and the Australian government, and governments of the world’s countries, banging on about how their tackling the very serious issue of moving the world’s energy needs to sustainable renewable energies as fast as they can.
    Meanwhile they continue to allow the multinational companies to keep extracting and exploiting finite dwindling fossil fuel reserves for massive profits at the expense of our planet and people’s health.
    While these resources are extracted, we the people of the world are and have been held back over a barrel in our positive forward development as a species.
    The answer to this issue was discovered some 100 odd years back by Nicola Tesla, his discovery and short lived implementation of the “Tesla towers” that are a technology of genuine free endless sustainable energy known commonly as “the excited field”.
    He endeavoured to have delivered this to the world with the financial backing for construction apparently from the company Westinghouse which apparently pulled the funding half way through the completion of the second tower.
    It is suspected that Edison and others influenced this decision to stop it.
    This is a wireless process delivering free perpetual electricity technology that he wanted to give the world for free to advance human civilisation at the start of the modern industrial revolution.
    We are perpetually surrounded by electricity in the air, he came up with a very real way to excite it into an extract able state through wireless technology.
    We have been deceived and exploited for profit by unscrupulous corporations and governments by not supporting and investing in the implementation of this technology, to allow the propagation of easy short term massive money profits obtained from fossil fuels
    Free energy was not a good business profit model. These hypocrites!


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