Kids 'jumped, bashed' numerous people: reports.


People required hospital treatment after being attacked by a gang of children near the Rock Bar and Bojangles in the CBD early this morning, according to “numerous” reports MLA Robyn Lambley (at right) says she has received.
“People enjoying themselves at the Todd Street adult entertainment venues were met with violence from a group of children, who are reported to have jumped and bashed multiple victims,” Ms Lambley says media release.
She also renews her call for a young people’s curfew, at least for a trial period.
“This has gone too far,” says Ms Lambley.
“These dangerous children must be apprehended and incarcerated for the safety of the community.”
She says last week in Parliament Families Minister Dale Wakefield (at left) “rejected my motion to implement a youth curfew in Alice Springs, instead praising the apparent effectiveness of other youth strategies they have implemented in Alice Springs.
“The reality is that what is in place at the moment is not working.”
Meanwhile Police Superintendent Pauline Vicary (at right) has confirmed “multiple reports of alleged assaults” and is calling for public assistance.
“Victims who have not provided statements are also urged to contact police,” she says in a media release.
“Police want to reassure the community that these incidents are actively being investigated and additional patrols are being conducted within the Alice Springs CBD.”


  1. I ponder what will happen if one victim fights back and kills doing so?
    Example: Aikido practitioners train to subdue, rather than maim or kill, but many of its movements can nevertheless be deadly.

  2. The situation now is completely out of control. Kids beating up people at night?
    Why isn’t the army being bought in and teaching these children a lesson?
    All these bloody do gooders want this ‘n that, now you see the consequences of society out of control.
    The mayor rather get his picture taken than do anything..g
    Gunner is a waste of space.
    Bring in the army and maintain order! No wonder this town is dying.

  3. They will only do what they can get away with you are all just weak you need to take them out bush, give them a good kick in the … and leave them there. They can make their own way back to town.

  4. Families Minister Dale Wakefield and Police Superintendent Pauline Vicary (out of uniform) holding hands should patrol the street at night and see for themselves.

  5. I am getting sick of it.
    I have lived here since 1981 and this is bull@#$@.
    Something needs to be done before us locals have to sort it out ourselves.
    I was at the shop and the kids were stealing so I told the girl at the front counter that the kids are stealing.
    She said yes I know.
    I wont be backing down to them, no way!

  6. The silence from the Mayor, and councillors, on this matter is deafening.
    What, no photo op?
    Take a stand, show some initiative and leadership.
    If you have no solution to this escalating problem (which is evident), admit it, don’t hide from it.
    Be proactive, ask for help.
    Don’t just wait for it to go away, and then claim it was all your doing.
    I know who I won’t be voting for in the upcoming election.

  7. An army is not a bad idea. They do not have to be armed with guns.
    Robyn and Dale could lead from the front and recognise that this needs to go beyond politics.

  8. When is the government of the day going to sort this disgraceful behaviour out, when people can no longer feel safe in their own town, let along their own homes in Alice Springs?
    We are all called racists, especially in Alice Springs where if you are white and speak your mind about this behaviour, you are frowned upon.
    I remember not so long ago, that this behaviour was not tolerated and the law was brought down on it very quickly.
    No, we cannot touch these darlings that taunt the people, shop keepers, and the general public, and are then allowed to continue their bad behaviour.
    Bad behaviour results in bad outcomes for the culprits. Taken out of the town area and made responsible for their behaviour.
    Maybe public work, fixing what they broken and paid back the damage and loss from their activities to victims.

  9. Will the Chief Minister Michael Gunner be coming down to give a press conference on the council lawns in support of the white people who have been bashed by Aboriginal kids, or does he only come out with his political guns blazing before he even knows the facts and all accounts of the story, when the victim is Aboriginal?
    His rushing to Yuendumu was a joke and smacks of political hysteria and desperate appeasement, and served to give one side of the story a sense of absolute correctness, and an automatic guilt finding before the details of the night/s leading to the tragic event could be laid out and ascertained.

  10. Clair: It has got absolutely nothing to do with council. Youth issues, like law issues, are for the Territory government, who control youth and families, the corresponding acts, and management of the police and courts.
    I am glad that the council has not become involved, they know their limits and regardless of what they say, it will not change anything.
    Unfortunately John suggests the only thing that actually ever has worked, but we are so soft now that will never happen again.
    We either back the things that do work, or criticise the things that are in place and do not work.


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