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'Greatest financial disaster' threat to credit rating

2592 Robyn Lambley (ABC pic) OK“Treasurer Nicole Manison had the gall to sack the board of Territory Generation 12 months ago for ‘a significant deterioration in its financial performance’,” says Independent Member for Araluen Robyn Lambley (at right).
“Now we see Manison responsible for the greatest financial disaster the Territory has ever seen.
“She should be dumped. But with the Chief Minister being just as incompetent as her, it is unlikely this will happen.
“Continuing to spend despite the reduction in GST revenue is extremely irresponsible.
“This level of financial mismanagement will damage our national and international reputation and ultimately our credit rating. And how can our bid for statehood be taken seriously with such maladministration?”
Ms Lambley asks whether the government has been compliant with legislation requiring “sound fiscal management”.
Who are the “independent experts” advising the government on the the fiscal disaster and how much are they getting paid, she asks.
“What is the total cost of all the consultants used by the NT Government since August 2016 to advise on the financial position, efficiencies and savings of all Government departments?
“I will be referring this hopeless Gunner Government to the Auditor General.”


  1. We need the government to stop spending NOW! No more follies. No more non essential employment.
    No more consultants.
    Departments to work within budget.
    No more grants or propping up inefficient NGOs.
    Return education and health to Feds.
    No free rides.
    Tough times need tough results.
    Bring in an auditor and do a KERR.

  2. Wise words Robyn.
    You were once treasurer under a previous Chief Minister.
    Would theAuditor General have any ability to unravel the mess?
    And yet the gallery to be placed on ANZAC precinct / oval with the costly demolition of a school, demolition of two concrete and steel grandstands worth to build $5m four years ago, demolition of the sporting building on the oval and the public car park used daily for CBD employees …
    Then fund two new rugby fields on virgin land needing drainage first, then probably with grandstands and changing rooms for the players.
    The grader work on ANZAC oval will complete change its profile for town use. And at how many millions of dollars cost?
    Further, how much will the actual building cost, in addition of $100m?
    Now broke, what can Gunner, Manison, Moss and Wakefield do without the cash?
    First go back to school and learn to budget and do simple sums.

  3. Our political system is broken. Parties win elections then spend up big to make themselves look good without thought to the long term affects.
    They are too focused on trying to do as much as possible to make their terms look good.
    Why would old mate Gunner try to save a few dollars during his term when he knows he isn’t getting re-elected. Selfish politics needs to stop.


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