Farm area needs better broadband: Paech


NBN should set up a wireless node that would give better internet service to people in the farm area south of The Gap, according to Chansey Paech, MLA for Namatjira.
He says the area is currently served by individual satellite dishes (pictured) linking to the Sky Muster satellite service “which is often slow, expensive and unreliable.
“I am lobbying Federal Minister for Regional Communications, Senator Bridget McKenzie for improved services for people living and working south of Heavitree Gap.
“An NBN fixed wireless connection would result in improved access, faster download speeds and better pricing.”
He says he is facilitating a petition “to support our friends, family and businesses south of the Gap”.
2463 Chansey Paech OKMr Paech (pictured) says the wireless connection, if placed on top of the range near the radio towers, would beam also into the main town area.
He says most people in town camps, for example, are not served by fibre-to-the-node facilities which provide NBN services north of The Gap.
The Alice Springs News Online is inviting comment from NBN.


  1. Well done Chansey. I really hope rural residents get behind you.
    In my businesses’s case we are just 9km from the post office, within the legal boundary of one of the most modern towns in Australia, but forced to use a poor standard satellite service if we want NBN!
    Who would put up with that on the other side of the range?
    Either we are part of Alice Springs or we aren’t. Not only for residents either, what about the huge numbers of people who come south of the Gap for events, Old Timers fete, the Show, the Drags, Finke desert race and staff at Desert Knowledge, Yirara, the jail, Parks HQ, Brewer estate.
    NBN promised us they would deliver a high speed service and so far they have failed miserably.

  2. Good work Chancey.
    Your first press release in eight weeks and you are all over the NBN issue. An issue you have absolutely no authority over.
    It’s lucky nothing significant has happened in your electorate like two domestic violence murders or a prison riot. God help us all if you looked into dealings at the CLC and their commercial arm Centercorp, or the broken promise that the 30 new cops in town have all left, or that independent report that the police commissioner has that says to do the job you are asking, they need $18m more?
    Yup, it’s so nice to live in an electorate where NBN is the biggest issue.

  3. BIZCOM is a local business of over 25 years, has been offering internet solutions to all of Alice Springs for over three years now. We offer point to point wireless services and have a range of offerings.
    We are a licensed carrier, so we are the only company in Alice Springs, apart from the big boys to be able to LEGALLY able to offer this.
    Our services include off site backups for customers as well as supplying fibre optic services.
    As a carrier, we are bound by and have to comply with many rules and government departments, not limited to the Attorney Generals Department, Australian Federal Police, NT Police, ALL the Australian Security Agencies, the Telecommunications Ombudsman etc.
    For many months we have been trying to engage with the NT Government, not seeking funds, but seeking cooperation. From the responses, it appears that the government may only be interested in the Telstras, NBN Co and OPTUS.
    We have many customers in the Ilparpa area, who are happy with our service.
    Unfortunately some people have switched to satellite but will soon discover the perils of this. Unfortunately, satellite is very slow and this is initially due to physics, not the quality or speed of the service.
    I have left several messages with Mr Paech’s office and look forward to communication.

  4. It is great that the local Member has taken up this issue on behalf of his constituents.
    Perhaps he could ask Pine Gap to show what a good corporate citizen it is, by letting Ilparpa Road residents have access to the optic fibre which runs past their driveways?
    I would be interested to hear the response.


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