Uproar over welfare houses


2529 renal house pic 1By ERWIN CHLANDA
The seemingly random acquisition of homes around the town for government welfare purposes is a growing concern for residents.
Overcrowding, stabbings, rowdy parties and children breaking into neighbouring homes are some of the problems locals are complaining about.
Included are dwellings for children “in care”, bail accommodation for youths and 12 houses for renal patients moving to town from bush for dialysis.
These are in Larapinta (4), Gillen (4), Braitling (2), East Side (1) and The Gap (1).
The “Central Australian Renal Accommodation – Alice Springs and Tennant Creek” program dates back to 2015, was launched mid-last year and all houses are now occupied, according to a spokewoman.
But it is likely that more homes will be needed for the program. Says the government prospectus: The demand for renal services “is expected to continue to grow significantly over the next 20 years.
“Many renal patients who reside in remote communities are required to relocate to urban areas once they reach end stage kidney disease, where they are able to access daily treatment and clinical support.
2529 renal house pic 2“Currently there are limited social housing options available in Tennant Creek and Alice Springs that offer a family centric environment in which patients are able to reside for the duration of their treatment for end stage kidney disease with their families.”
Because the dwellings need to be “family centric” they usually have three bedrooms and there is a never ending sequence of a large number of visitors, according to a resident speaking with the Alice Springs News Online. The resident says numerous complaints have been made to government authorities.
We put the following question to the Department of Health: “Have there been complaints from nearby residents about unruly behaviour, noise, overcrowding and late night disturbances in those houses? If so, what’s being done about these?”
We have not received a response.
We are asking Dale Wakefield, the only government front-bencher in The Centre, for comment.


  1. And don’t forget the apartments in Gap Road for bail accommodation, behind the big green fence with cameras towering above. Just up from Piggly’s liquor, great place to put it.

  2. The absolute stupidity of this Gunner Government is breathtaking.
    Clearly they have no regard for the honest hard working people of this town. 12 random residential properties are you kidding me?
    Surely the total spent could have partially funded a dedicated care facility. Will these properties be next to a Gunner, Wakefield or Moss residence?
    You can bet your last dollar they won’t. Gunner and his politically correct advisors are taking this town to a place that it will be hard to recover from.
    It’s time these highly paid advisors coat pullers and left wing urgers were named and held accountable.

  3. This is the same for many houses around Alice, not just renal houses. I wish they would open one up in the golf course area, it would be good to see the posh part of town live like the rest of us.

  4. James, there is a house recently purchased by Anglicare for “troubled youth” in the Golf Course.

  5. Interested, Rippa! I thought they dealt with this issue ages ago when they build the accommodation out by the show grounds, and then again with the dozen new houses just before the race course.
    Maybe they could look at the issue of why this is a growing requirement and address the cause and not the effect.
    I understand family need to be close at these times but if we can stop or slow these issues down it’s got to be good for everyone involved.
    I think the government seem to be more interested in working reactively and not proactively.

  6. The uproar should be about the lack of public housing, with so many people homeless or living in overcrowded conditions. A three bedroom house is not meant for 20+ people. It doesn’t help with the social problems.

  7. Chris2: Spot on. The excuses on the overcrowding is another excuse. It’s called get a job, pay rent or buy their own home. The behaviour is unacceptable. It doesn’t matter if you are black, white or brindle. Where is the self determination? You are accountable for your behaviour. So come the consequences of this.


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