Meeting in CM office will be Transport Hall's 'make or break'


p2270 Road Transport Hall 5 OK
p2271-Liz-Martin-SMBy ERWIN CHLANDA
A forthcoming meeting in the Chief Minister’s office “will be the make it or break it decision maker” for the National Road Transport Hall of fame, said its CEO Liz Martin (pictured) a few minutes ago.
“I await its outcome with interest,” she texted from the wake of a volunteer in Adelaide, in response to a statement from Mr Gunner earlier today.
“There is no consultant, the OBA already has everything,” she says.
“The Department of Business comes out, hears our concerns re compliance, have a coffee and a chat (great bunch of guys), but we are yet to hear back.
“Not once have they followed though. We continually get put in the too hard basket.
“We will never recover what we have lost,” she says.


  1. It will be a sorry day if we lose this icon. The hall of fame is a big asset to the town. It is truly remarkable.

  2. I think it’s about time the Chief Minister steps in and “owns” this problem. Blaming people and departments is spineless.
    If the RTHOF does relocate, the voters in Central Australia will cane this government at the next election.

  3. Unbelievable. This government soon as they got in, up went the Berrimah line again. Liz and her volunteers work hard out there to share the past and present of the trucking industry all all they get is a kick in the guts for their effort. Shame on the Gunner Government if you can call it that!

  4. Perhaps the Government could speak to Liz and see how they can assist in sorting any issues out!
    I hope those complain about Gunner, didn’t vote for him.
    We should all know that the pollies are only interested in what happens north of Berrimah, whilst disappointing it seems to be more than perception.
    The NT Government continually assists in the demise of local business, albeit by their tardiness in making decisions. (Take a look at the every growing vacant commercial properties around town)
    To see Road Transport Hall of Fame leave Alice because of more Government bullshit, would be a tragedy in more ways than one.
    The people out there do a great, tireless and often thankless job.
    HELP them out, Gunner.


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