Learning from the past? Never!


24100 council bush visitors 1
24100 council bush visitors 2LETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – As usual our attention is directed at events occurring at the present time but I’ve attached examples from about this time of year but from long ago.
The first example is a report of an Alice Springs Town Council meeting in November 1984 “over the problems of youth” – so published exactly 33 years ago but could equally be run now save a few name changes!
Similarly this week’s presentations by Aboriginal leaders seeking to establish an alliance with the Town Council to tackle youth crime echoes the creation of the Four Corners Council in late 1995.
We keep coming up with the same responses to intractable issues that have afflicted our town and region for half a century.
If we as a society are to stand any chance now about resolving these issues, we need to remain mindful of the failures of the past otherwise history – and very recent history, at that – will simply continue to revolve.
Alex Nelson
Alice Springs


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