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For 1 Territory, no fracking means no fracking

p2327-Braedon-EarleyLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – I sent the following letter to Judge Rachel Pepper, who heads up the Scientific Enquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing in the NT.
Please be advised that if fracking in the Northern Territory is approved in any shape or form that 1 Territory will not acknowledge such approval in the event it has any members elected to public office.
In the event that any 1 Territory members are elected to public office or we were to take control of the Government at the next election, we will ban fracking and will not pay any compensation to any company or individual which has invested or lost money as a result of their involvement in hydraulic fracking in the Northern Territory.
The fracking industry has bought opinion of the local media and we wouldn’t be surprised if they haven’t bought politicians past and present in the Northern Territory.
Only a genuine Independent Commission Against Corruption in the Northern Territory could prove this beyond all reasonable doubt, but the Gunner Government doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude for such an activity, for fear it may catch too many of their own.
The current Labor Government was elected on the back of a moratorium on fracking.
They stole the concept from 1 Territory, they promised 1 Territory that they would ban fracking when preference deals were being done prior to the election of 2016. Without 1 Territory they would not be in office, they would not have had seven seats which we gave them via preferences, based on said promises of banning hydraulic fracking in the Northern Territory.
Whilst the Gunner Labor Government has engaged you and others to do this enquiry, we can confirm that they are not to be trusted.
Thank you for your efforts to date.
Braedon Earley (pictured)
President, 1 Territory Party


  1. Hmm, I seem to remember a certain government (then in opposition) in Victoria saying the same thing before an election. They then paid out over a billion dollars to cancel the contract and have no road, all really to spite the previous government.
    A bit like getting rid of the unlimited sections of road in the NT, i.e. you lot put it there so we will take it away, so there. Petty really.


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