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Town pool problems: No end in sight

The town council expects the major repair works will be needed to rectify defects in the indoor swimming pool.
Skye Price, Director Corporate and Community Services, says the 25 metre pool has sustained significant tile damage.
“As such, it has been necessary to close the pool and seek assessment from independent specialists,” says Ms Price.
“Unfortunately, the geographic location of Alice Springs means that the assessment process has been prolonged, and the repair works have not yet commenced.
“As soon as Council receives conclusive feedback from engineers, we will be releasing information and a timeline of repairs for the general public.”
The council needs to be “rigorous in our approach” to ensure the personal safety, health, wellbeing and enjoyment of users, Ms Price says.
“During the interim period, Council has purchased thermal pool covers and new rollers, for the outdoor 50 metre pool.
“We are also working to recommission a boiler to heat the outdoor pool. These measures will extend the outdoor pool season, making it suitable for activities even as the weather cools.”


  1. The town pool is a critically important part of Alice’s sporting and recreational life that is not fully appreciated by many in government or in the wider community.
    In addition to the well understood sporting benefits, the non-impact / low-impact water environment of the 25m pool is an invaluable tool for health and rehab for the disabled, the infirm and the elderly.
    It is imperative that transparency of the damage assessment process should now be a top priority, so that the townspeople are kept fully aware of, and are comfortable with, the rate of progress to get things fully operational as quickly as possible.
    As a number of authorities are involved, there is significant potential for stuff-ups, procrastination and buck-passing.
    I look forward to public monitoring of the process through regular probing reports by the on-the-ball investigative journos of that august media organ Alice Springs News Online.

  2. I was surprised to hear on ABC radio today that the defective pool tiling was originally installed only for aesthetic reasons and that a painted surface is perfectly adequate and will allow at least an interim re-opening by the end of the month.
    Would be interesting to know why tiles were chosen in the first place, how much extra they added to the price, and what the councils intentions are for the pool surfacing going forward.


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