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Govt taxi levy unfair

p2351 Robyn Lambley OKLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir –Not only is the proposed $1 to $1.30 taxi levy to cover the loss in Government revenue caused by Uber unfair to the taxi industry, it directly discriminates against taxi customers who live outside of the greater Darwin area.
Uber have said they will not be providing a service outside of the Darwin area because the population is too small.
So why should people across the Northern Territory pay for Uber in Darwin?
The Government has painted themselves into a corner on this issue. They have promised Uber in the NT.
Government revenue from taxi licenses is estimated to reduce from $4m to less than $1m. Now they are trying to think up ways to cover this loss.
People living outside the Uber zone in Darwin should not have to pay one extra cent to cover this Government mess. It is an example of policy on the run.
Robyn Lambley MLA (pictured)
Independent Member for Araluen



  1. Fully agree that the every extra cent in name of levy is totally unfair and government should compensate this loss from other sources of income instead of squeezing the public.


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