Fiasco in government's fracking survey


p2358-fracking-surveyBy ERWIN CHLANDA
“Chief Minister Gunner was elected saying he would listen to the people of the Northern Territory and instead he has stuffed up the first chance he had to get feedback.”
That is the blunt message from people wanting to have an online say on the draft Terms of Reference for the NT Fracking Inquiry only to find out that the government website wasn’t working for at lest some of the time.
In a statement released this morning and signed by Naomi Hogan, Lock the Gate NT, Charmaine Roth of Katherine and Pauline Cass of Humpty Doo they are now demanding an extension of the deadline, which is today, by at least one month.
Ms Cass, who first noticed the fault, says: “Hundreds of people could have put in submissions that have now been lost.
“The IT guy in the Chief Minister’s office told us there has been a technical issue and the webpage hasn’t been capturing submissions.
“This is a disaster for Territorians who have strong views on this issue and who have been disenfranchised by Minister Gunner rushing through this process in a bid to placate the gas industry.”
We are seeking comment from the Government.
IMAGE from the Government’s website.
UPDATE 10:10am
A spokesperson for the Fracking Taskforce says it has received over 240 submissions.
“The consultation process has been open for four weeks and we have been receiving submissions consistently over these four weeks.
“We understand two members of the public had technical issues in completing and submitting their submissions. These have been looked into and the submissions have now been received.
“If anyone has any doubts about their submission they are encouraged to email
“For anyone still wishing to make a submission please go to
We are seeking clarification as to whether this constitutes an extension of the deadline which is COB today.


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