I have the confidence of the land council: Maurie Ryan


“I have the confidence of the Central Land Council and a mandate to run it,” says Maurie Ryan (pictured) after a general meeting of the CLC in Tennant Creek yesterday and Tuesday.
He was overwhelmingly reelected as the chairman after being stood down three weeks ago by the executive.
Mr Ryan says he received 51 votes, while his main opponent, Michael Liddle, got 14 and two other contenders for the position, six and three, respectively.
Mr Ryan is attending an executive meeting this morning and said he would be making a statement soon.
He has been articulating a fiery agenda for some time. He is tipped to continue his quest for reform of an organisation that has done little to fix the poverty and economic failure of its constituents, while amassing millions of dollars worth of assets in Centrecorp, of which the CLC has three-fifth ownership (google this site for details).
The failed challenge of Mr Ryan was lodged under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act which says: “A Land Council may, at any time, by resolution, elect a new Chair or Deputy Chair and, on the passing of such a resolution, the person who held that office immediately before that resolution was passed ceases to hold that office.”


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