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Anderson: constituents happy with Palmer United Party

Not a single one of their constituents has objected to the three bush MLAs joining the Palmer United Party (PUP), says their leader, Alison Anderson.
“I’ve heard not one bad thing” about me (Namatjira), Larisa Lee (Arnhem) and Francis Xavier (Arafura) defecting from the ruling CLP.
Ms Anderson says since the break-up she has been to Hermannsburg, has met with the full Central Land Council at Lajamanu and with the executive of the Northern Land Council.
She is due to visit several communities next week. Ms Lee and Mr Xavier have met with the shires in their areas. “They have not reported to me any negative comments,” says Ms Anderson. “Clive Palmer has given us a platform to unite Territorians and Australians, and work for economic and social change.
“What has the CLP done in 18 months?” They promised economic opportunities: “Where is it all? What’s happening in the mall? Shops closing.
“Where is Matt Conlan? We’ll ask the council for CCTV footage and play spot Matt.”
Ms Anderson says she is fighting for recognition as an opposition party by Chief Minister Adam Giles.
Current Parliamentary standing orders allow for only one Opposition – Labor at present – and this has implications for staff numbers.
Ms Anderson says all MLAs, under Remuneration Tribunal rules, are entitled to one full time electoral staff plus a further eight hours a week.
However, on top of that the Opposition Leader gets a further four staff, a privilege denied to the PUP.
Ms Anderson says the government is offering funding to the Redtails to the tune of only $100,000.
She says the organisation is bringing together young people from all races in mentoring relationships: “They are bringing Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people together, to respect each-other, help Aboriginal kids with jobs.
“It’s not just about football. It’s about life skills, self-confidence, about friendship.”
She says Hermannsburg footballer Baden Ngalkin, in his 20s, is an example of success, holding down a full time job and drawing interest from league clubs.
She says about the Territory-wide organisation: “You can’t do this kind of thing for $100,000.”
The Alice Springs News put to Ms Anderson the rumour that local real estate agent, Eli Melky, is her political advisor.
“That’s a complete untruth,” she says. “He has joined the party. That’s all.” She says that Mr Melky is “absolutely not” on her staff nor acting as her advisor.


  1. The funny thing about politics is that people are nearly always polite. They always tell you exactly what you want to hear, while your’e in the room! It’s what they say when your not in the room that really counts. To hear that you’ve got to stop talking and actually listen.
    The CLP Government that supposedly hasn’t achieved anything in the past months, also included Alison didn’t it?
    Nothing changes quickly in Government, it takes a long hard and consistent effort to bring change. Perhaps if very little has changed so far it’s because nearly half the CLP term has been taken up with infighting instead of getting on with the job.
    Let’s hope all of that settles down now as I suspect it might, and the people of Central Australia get a chance to advance their case for change.

  2. Informed all her constituents, I would like to see that!
    We were all [enticed] to vote for her while AA was CLP. Before that we voted for her as ALP. She said how great the ALP was, said the same story with CLP and now AA is saying that Australia’s biggest $$$ man is going to change Aboriginal disadvantage and will be great, she will call him brother, just like old Paul (ALP), Terry (CLP) and Adam (CLP). AA probably has the knife ready, or a slipper to sink into soon as she doesn’t get her way. AA,this is the same man that has established his wealth by digging up the country in the name of mining. Welcome PUP to the Territory, big mobs of minerals here.

  3. Some people “talk a good talk” but do nothing. Why are these people taking places that could be used by genuine people? Sick to death of all the hoo haa around this group!


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