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Live cattle industry 'still a political pawn for Labor'


Sir – Federal Labor’s decision to appoint an Inspector-General for Animal Welfare and Live Exports is meant to appeal to Labor’s left but will just add another layer of unnecessary red tape for Northern Territory cattle producers.
This is the last thing the embattled live cattle industry needs. They are still trying to recover from Labor’s disastrous 2011 export ban.
Australian cattle producers have a great reputation for world’s best practice in animal welfare and Labor’s announcement shows it doesn’t trust them.
This announcement has nothing to do with animal welfare and everything to do with papering over Labor’s divisions on this issue.
New Agriculture Minister Joel Fitzgibbon’s admitted the legislation will need to be passed ‘eventually’ proving the announcement is another quick election fix to appease the Labor left which wants to shut down the industry.
This new bureaucrat is a typical Labor idea that is both unnecessary and will further burden Territory producers.
Nigel Scullion
Country Liberals Senator for the NT


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