Shires fill final vacancies


Rosalie Kunoth-Monks misses out
Former president of Barkly Shire and prominent opponent of the Federal Intervention, Rosalie Kunoth-Monks, has lost to Eileen Bonney and Timothy Jakara Price in the supplementary election for the Alyawarr Ward in Barkly Shire. Mrs Kunoth-Monks did not stand for the general election but threw her hat in the ring when not enough candidates came forward to fill the vacancies in Alyawarr Ward.
Participation in the vote was low – 25%
In the Central Desert Shire’s Anmatjere Ward James Glenn (who sat on the first shire council), Marlene Tilmouth and Benedy Bird have been elected. Former councillor Dianne Martin, who stood and lost in the Southern Tanami Ward and then stood again in the supplementary election for this neighbouring ward, missed out.
Participation was at 34%.
In MacDonnell Shire’s Rodinga Ward Louise Cavanagh won convincingly over her sole rival, Rosalie Riley, 76.6% to 23.4%.
Participation was at 32.6%.


  1. Great news. The Barkly will be much better off without Ms Kunoth-Monks’ bitterness. Barb Shaw [the new shire president, and not the Alice Springs Barbara Shaw] has been an absolute breath of fresh air.

  2. Like Barb Shaw in Tennant Creek and on the Barkly Shire Council, Louise Cavanagh will also be a great asset to the MacDonnell Shire Council. Louise is a dynamic and intelligent leader at Santa Teresa, and runs the Centrelink office very effectively. Given half a chance and the right support from within the Shire staff, she is exactly the kind of thoughtful can-do representative who will get the Shire moving ahead on solving problems, and not allow it to just coast along with a narrow perspective of what its role must be in terms of the community development side of remote community life.

  3. As an aside, I was appalled with Rosalie’s comment on ABC’s TV, Q and A that during the Intervention … “we were chased like dogs”. Appalled because, if correct, heads should roll for such behaviour, and if not correct … then, … well … naughty Rosalie. But Tony Jones the otherwise competent host, did not ask for more clarification. Not good.

  4. Leigh Childs, none of we whitefellas can presume how it feels to be pursued again and again by the authorities, fueled up by the discriminatory Howard NTER laws.
    I saw it first hand more times than I can remember in my taxi days from 2007 to December 2010.
    In each case the police seemed to delight in the chase and sometimes they tipped out the grog on the side of the road and other times they did not.
    Their was clearly no consistency in their approach.


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