New town pool failure: workers were in danger of being 'crushed'


WorkSafe have issued a “prohibition notice” after observing manual handling of chlorine gas cylinders at Alice Springs Aquatic Centre, because workers were at risk of “being crushed by the cylinders if they got away from them”.
Laurene Hull, the Executive Director of the authority, says the prohibition notice does not affect public access to the pool as management is now chlorinating the water by other means.
This is the latest controversy involving the town council owned centre and its management by the YMCA.
The Y’s Helen Sargent, who is in charge of the pool contract, declined to comment when asked by the Alice Springs News Online.
Recently a letter leaked to the News revealed that there are significant cost overruns for the management, and the Y is seeking a higher fee from the council.
Council’s works manager, Greg Buxton, says the Y is obliged under the contract to comply within safe operating procedures which, relate also to the handling of the chlorine cylinders, and to comply with Occupational Health and Safety requirements under the Act.
“This is a matter between the Y and WorkSafe,” says Mr Buxton.


  1. It would appear that there is some sort of feud going on at the Y, but a little more info from the Alice News re the cylinders in question would help us to understand just what is going on here. Are these the same cylinders used in their thousands around the country by steel cutters and welders? Or are they something larger? I would think a photo of one of these items would help us (the readers) to understand this issue.
    [ED – Hi Terry, we tried to get a photo, asked the town council, but were told the cylinders are inside the aquatic centre building, the Y would need to give us access to them, and they are currently on a “no comment” footing. We’ll keep trying!]


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