Police seek information about suspicious death of woman


Alice Springs police have arrested Donathon Williams (pictured) as a person of interest in relation to the death of a 25-year-old woman whose body was found in the dry bed of the Todd River between the Wills Terrace and Schwarz Crs causeways on Tuesday. Detective Acting Superintendent Travis Wurst says an autopsy “supports our view that the woman’s death was suspicious”.
He said today (Thursday): “Further information led to [Williams] being located and he has been arrested in relation to an assault on a man in the early hours of Monday morning. He will be interviewed concerning that assault later today and is also expected to be spoken to in relation to the suspicious death.”


  1. By putting his photo in like this you have in effect found him guilty outside a court of law.
    Alice Springs News is acting like a kangaroo court. Whether he is guilty or not is not my point. When the whites were arrested for the death of Mr Ryder- an Aboriginal victim- there were no such photos of the white suspects (who turned out to be guilty). Why are you inviting comments on an issue that is a current legal matter? When a white is a suspect, his Caucasian-ness is not an issue.
    ED – The NT Police released this photo and the man’s name, seeking information from the public as to his whereabouts. He was arrested on September 22 and charged with assault on a 33-year-old man. On September 23 he was also charged with murder of the 25-year-old woman and appeared in the Alice Springs Magistrates Court in relation to all charges.
    With respect to the Ryder matter, the description of the suspects (as they were then) was that they were Caucasian and a comfit was released of a young man of Caucasian appearance, again in an appeal to the public to help identify him. Five men were quickly arrested, charged and ultimately pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Their ‘whiteness’ and issues of race in that case have been a matter of endless commentary.


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