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Govt will clean up rubbish but public has to do legwork


The NT Government is accepting responsibility for cleaning up illegally dumped rubbish around Alice Springs, but the public has to do the legwork.

We are aware of reports of illegal dumping in Alice Springs. There is disappointingly a large volume of illegal dumping in and around Alice Springs,” says a spokesman for the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics.

“As with all reports of illegal dumping, we arrange for a contractor to remove the waste as soon as possible.”

The spokesman says the department encourages members of the public to report illegal dumping directly through the Neat Streets app.

“This easy to use app provides accurate location information to the appropriate land owner.”

The website giving information about the app says: “Using the app you can report problems showing photographic evidence, adding comments, and confirming your location – all in under a minute.

“We do however, suggest that you take the time to make sure the information you submit is as informative as possible to help authorities respond effectively.”

Says the spokesman: “We continue to work with the NTEPA, the Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security and the Alice Springs Town Council to address this on-going problem.”

The area described by Mr Moss is entirely within the Alice Springs Municipal Boundary, says the spokesman.


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