Minister says ‘no’ to 51 blocks in Stegar Road



Planning Minister Eva Lawler has refused an Exceptional Development Permit (EDP) for 51 residential blocks in Stegar Road in the suburb of Ross.

She says she rejected the application, lodged by Craig Lambley and others, because the lot sizes would have been “significantly less that the minimum required” in that land zoned Rural Residential and Rural.

The Lots are 9349, 8111 and 5531.

The issue of an EDP “is likely to create expectations from developers and land owners in rural areas” for similar applications and undermine the integrity of the NT Planning Scheme.

The reasons given by Minister Lawler also include a lack of a threatened species survey; details of erosion mitigation; suitable fire access to the east; and some Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority clearances.


  1. Thank goodness for some common sense.
    The commercialisation of the existing RL zoning is appalling. One such block which runs a fleet of earthmoving equipment and which is obviously contravening RL regulations was overlooked on the condition that they plant trees to hide the contravention, and this has become the norm.
    What happened to the consultancy on industrial land, which is ultimately what would have happened on this proposal by a process of attrition, as has happened elsewhere, apart from the reasons for refusal stated in the judgement? Meanwhile elsewhere in this lovely country, tourism and local government are stumbling over themselves to establish eco walks.
    This proposal lies on what was a historically significant track to the East Macs and would make a magnificent supplement to the Larapinta trail, and add immensely to the attractions in the town -particularly to the East.
    The Willunga basin trail is a prime example, but not here, because the developers in their greed decree otherwise.
    Tourists don’t come here to look at our houses, nor can we export them, or eat them. Part of the complementary demand for these housing developments is the need for industrial land, and the obvious place for both is Brewer and certainly not Arumbera.
    For those seeking development guidance on what is possible here in food production (peanuts, and a multitude of other crops) go to Old Man Plains, but take a GPS, a cut lunch and a water bag.
    Where is the display of bush tucker we hear so much about and where is the research to build an industry? Try Anzac oval?
    The debate has been driven by selfish people with vested interests north of The Gap and not by people looking to the best long term interests of the whole district.
    The same argument is true for the proposed Cultural centre which should so obviously be as the TOs want, in association with Desert Knowlede Australia and staffed as a training ground in the commercialisation of their culture, in conjunction with Yirrara College and students.
    To complete the tourism centre, shift the visitors centre to the Transport Hall of Fame. Directing visitors to where you want economic activity to be.
    Anzac cultural centre will be another non tourism event. I applaud the Minister’s decision and hope that the government will look at the bigger picture.
    And another pink camel just flew past my window.


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