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Phone tower: Objectors gain deferral

A decision on the controversial Telstra tower planned for a rural block in the Ilparpa subdivision has been deferred.
The tower is a 30.5m high monopole with antennae on top, all up 31.4m high. It comes with a single storey equipment shelter, within a fenced compound.
The Development Consent Authority (DCA) has asked the applicant, Telstra, to come back to it with further information and documentation of at least three sites for the facility, all of which must be plausible. Apparently the alternative sites in the existing application are not technically plausible.
The DCA has also asked for an updated rationale for the preferred site, which is right on the boundary of a neighbouring rural property.  
Telstra will also have to demonstrate how the amenity impacts of its proposal have been minimised.
Neighbouring residents have complained about the tower’s proximity to their home, and argue that any structure of such a size should be at least 10 metres from the boundary. They have also argued that thermal radio frequency waves emitted from mobile phone towers are harmful to health.  
In its letter to Telstra the DCA says it “does not consider the proposed siting to be sensitive to the amenity” of these neighbouring residents.
It says the design and location of the facility does not allow for landscaping between the facility and the boundary.
The DCA also wants to see photomontages illustrating the visual impact of the facility on the surrounding area, noting that “the monopole would be significantly higher than any other structure in the locality”.
ARCHIVAL photo at top of objectors’ protest in August. Photo above: Mobile phone antennae similar to the one proposed.


  1. Does anyone know if Telstra will also use this for 5G? Given that it is a new setup, one would imagine they have planned to use 5G.

  2. @ Kathy: There is already a company that supplies internet to Ilparpa. I believe you need clear line of site to the towers on the Gap to receive the signal.


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