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Residents protest 10 storey mobile phone tower

Two Ilparpa residents at Lot 7753, Greatorex Road, are protesting a proposed 31.4 meter Telstra mobile phone tower being planned right at their boundary fence of the adjoining Lot 7754.

The residents, who do not wish to be named, have erected a four metre sign at the front gate of their property (pictured).

They say the tower will be 61 metres from their home and bedroom.

At 31.4 metres (103 feet), the tower will be as high as a 10-storey building.

They say: “Mobile hone towers tower emit thermal radio frequency waves that numerous recent scientific publications have shown affects living organisms, including increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. It is also harmful to both plant and animal life.”

They say by law anything of such a size is supposed to be 10 metres away from their boundary line.

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  1. As of March last year, Optus has about 6414 4G base stations in Australia. Telstra has about 5962 4G base stations in Australia. Vodafone has approximately 4750 4G base stations in Australia. The NBN has about 1920 4G base stations in Australia. Most of these are in built up areas but this one will supposedly be a health hazard?
    As an Ilparpa resident I’m all for the proposed tower install in Ilparpa to go ahead.

  2. I can understand not wanting such a big tower out my back door. There is lots of room out there to move it, even a little way.

  3. Some people just need something to complain about – substantiation of the objection is completely optional.

  4. Hope these residents never venture into the Alice Springs where they will get attacked by “cancerous” phone tower rays from each of the different phone companies.

  5. So how do those who live out there do home schooling during COVID when they live in the shadow of the current towers?
    Their children can’t be online together because the satellite feed they are required to use can only handle one user at a time.
    Sometimes there are bigger considerations than how a thing looks.

  6. These residents have a right to be able to enjoy their view of the ranges without this eyesore from Telstra in their face.
    Like Watchn, I see lots of alternative locations for such a tower that would give equivalent coverage without spoiling the view, and suggest aligning it with the main road (Ilparpa Road), either to the west or east side of the subdivision.
    It’s obvious that not much public consultation was carried out by Telstra to determine a more acceptable location.

  7. Perhaps Telstra can talk to Al, or Greg Latency or Bill and agree to relocate the proposed tower into one on their own back yards as they seem to have no issue with it?
    In fact, Al would appear to be the best bet as he’s “all for it”.
    Fairly simple solution in the end … a Win Win situation, for all parties. 🙂

  8. @ Confused: An excellent idea. Simple too.
    @ Greg Latency: Perhaps you need to use a different ISP.

  9. That tower will be fine where it is. It’s really only going to be an pain in the eye / eye sore to look at.
    Health wise antennas at 60m high are safe, for the highest radiation output will mostly flood the air immediately in front of it (and outwards by like 60m) but from memory the radiation only is spread out about 20m below the antenna.
    So by the time the frequency hits ground the radiation is next to nothing and there’s no concern to human or plant health.
    There are larger antennas in town here at only three stories high and people walk around the streets as if there’s no issue.
    Corner of Bath and Gregory Terrace is one such example. I would be more concerned living or working in those neighbouring buildings for the second floors are in direct line with those antennas.

  10. @ No too concerned: Before you start quoting figures you may want to look up what fresnel zone is.
    Also the transmit power and what type of antenna will be used may also have effects.
    Suggest research first is always better before quoting stats.


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