COVID waste a danger for school kids: quarantined hunger striker



Hunger striker Braedon Earley, who is detained in the Howard Springs COVID quarantine station, says rubbish he has seen around what amounts to be a medical facility is a “bio hazard.

“Birds and wind could carry this hazardous material into the adjoining school.”

These photographs were taken by him.

Mr Earley, who at 8pm today was in his 56th hour of fasting, says “general waste” is misplaced in a quarantine facility.

The Darwin businessman, who is a certified pesticide, herbicide and agvet chemical operator, says the rubbish “should be collected and disposed of accordingly.

“All bags should be marked bio hazard and handled with full PPE [personal protective equipment] and gloves that cannot be penetrated by sharps.

“These rules are not followed.

“I have observed the waste being handled by people not in full PPE.

“The question needs to be asked, is the waste from here disposed of in a bio hazard facility?

“It’s handled by backpackers.

“When the government says it is using contractors providing soft facilities, that could mean underpaid workers of foreign origin,” says Mr Earley.

The Alice Springs News is seeking comment from the NT COVID authorities.



  1. I know Mr Earley personally and it wouldn’t hurt his waist line to go on a hunger strike for a few days. It would be a blessing in disguise for the budding fly half.


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