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The Alice Springs News is in its 27th year of publication.

We founded it 1994 as the largest circulation independent newspaper in the Northern Territory of Australia, dedicated to fearless reporting of a high quality, and in strict compliance with the Journalistic Code of Ethics.

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The publication manager is Media Choice, Alice Springs, Australia.


Phone our news office at  0418 890040 or email erwin@alicespringsnews.com.au

Snail mail: PO Box 1613 ALICE SPRINGS NT 0871 or 1891 Petrick Road, Connellan NT 0873.

Editor: Erwin Chlanda

Senior writer: Kieran Finnane

The News appeared each Thursday in the Alice Springs region, with a circulation of 11,500, distributed free of charge, and relying on advertising for its income.

We founded the Alice Springs News Online 1997 and as one of the world’s first newspapers on the web. Our online edition steadily grew in popularity, partly because of its archive of now more than seven million words, a sought-after resource about the region for visitors, business and researchers.

By March 2011 the online readership had well and truly surpassed the print edition readership, in a clear trend of the news reading public inexorably drifting to the web: We closed the paper edition.

Now exclusively online we update our news section several times a day. We have a fully searchable story archive of about seven million words.

We are also committed to giving our readers a say: We published nearly 24,000 comments from them since 2011, and a large number of Letters to the Editor.

We perform an important social and community function.

We are independent and locally owned.

Our dispute resolution process provides for:–

• Conversation with the complainant.

• Correction, if appropriate.

• Agreement of putting the issue before an arbitrator of mutual choice.

As the only written word medium online in the region, our approximately 23,000 readers (Google Analytics) are spread over an area of a million square kilometres, much of which is inhabited by the area’s 30% Aboriginal population. Like all our readers they read us on their mobile phones and tablets or other devices.

We also have a significant readership interstate and overseas.


Julie Chlanda