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Budget boost for cops ‘already spent’


Most of the “extra” $90m in the NT Budget for police has already been spent, according to the Police Association.

President Nathan Finn says (above, left): “What wasn’t disclosed by the Chief Minister and Police Minister is that more than $70 million of that $90 million funding has already been absorbed because the department has blown its budget this financial year.

“That blow out is not surprising given the extraordinary number of resources that have been sent to Alice Springs, ongoing violence in the West Daly Region, the overwhelming number of calls requesting an emergency response coming into the Joint Emergency Services Communication Centre, and the unsustainable overtime members right across the Territory are undertaking to address record levels of crime, harm and violence in the community.

“Additionally, Minister Potter told Mix 104.9 that the $90m was ‘separate to the $570 million over five years’ but was later forced to clarify the $90m is, in fact, included in the total $570 million commitment.

Meanwhile Independent Member for Araluen Robyn Lambley (above, right) says there is not much new in the Budget for Alice Springs.

Most of the promises made by the government since coming to power in 2016 – eight years ago – have not been delivered,” she sys.

“The few Infrastructure projects which have been delivered make up less than $100m or 20% of the more than $700m promised.

“This is a massive under-spend of more than $580m on game-changing projects.”

She lists: The National Aboriginal Art Gallery, estimated $250m (2018); the National Aboriginal Cultural Centre, $100-200m (2018); flood mitigation, $155m (report from 2017); Alice Springs Juvenile Detention Centre, $35m (2018); Arumbera Industrial Estate, $20m (2018); the completed CBD Revitalisation, $20m (2017); new Rugby League ovals, $20-30m (2018); Red Centre Adventure Ride, $11m (2018); Watarrka Walking Trail, $6m (2018) and a new Home for Tourism Central Australia, estimated $5m (2024).



  1. Police news: Crims break into business overnight and access the vehicle keys.
    Police arrive and the culprits flee with the keys.
    The police leave and presumably the business owners take no further action.
    What could happen next????
    Crims return and steal a vehicle.
    What is the point of huge expenditure on police and payments to business owners to protect their businesses when we see stupidity like this?
    Businesses leaving keys on their premises overnight and police who are unable to predict the bleeding obvious.
    Abandon hope, Alice Springs.

  2. Police news: Once again, crims break into a business and steal the vehicle keys.
    They drive off in several cars.
    Police are notified but the crims leisurely return to collect another car they have the keys for.
    A series of ram raids soon follow causing tens of thousands of dollars damage and putting lives at risk.
    There are obvious questions about access to keys and failure to secure businesses that have been raided.
    Are business owners and police really as stupid as they appear or am I missing something?

  3. Another business broken into and a ram raid vehicle of choice, a Toyota Landcruiser stolen. Massive damage soon followed to steal alcohol.
    The Police must be sick and tired of the negligence of businesses that continue to leave vehicle keys on their premises overnight.
    Most crimes in our town are hard to stop but ram raids using vehicles sourced from businesses can be,
    I hope insurance companies are taking note.


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