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Albanese’s $250m: Where it will go


The Australian Government has announced projects to be funded immediately or over four years with the $250m grant and other Federal contributions allocated by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in a bid to stem youth crime in Central Australia.

A statement to the Alice Springs News today says consultation is taking place across the Northern Territory and including the Central Australia Plan Aboriginal Leadership Group and the Office of the Central Australia Regional Controller, Dorrelle Anderson.

Initiatives include:

$50m for community and regional infrastructure over four years under the Federation Funding Agreement.

A list of the first nine projects is totalling $5.2m: Playground upgrade in Atitjere, new playground in Engawala, oval lights (for the training field) in Laramba, new play system in Nturiya, change rooms in Pmara Jutunta, oval lights in Ti Tree, half basketball court in Wilora, oval lights in Kintore and Titjikala.

Future projects are to be identified through further engagement with the Central Australia Plan Aboriginal Leadership Group.

$40m for on-country learning to improve school engagement “specifically the on-country learning measure which will support improved student enrolment, engagement, wellbeing, and learning outcomes at schools in Central Australia through community driven responses supporting improved  community engagement.”

$23.5m Two projects – an additional $5m towards for the construction of the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress Todd Street Health Hub (pictured). Construction work is underway. And $18.4m to expand the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress’ Child and Youth Assessment and Treatment Service.

A Funding Agreement is in place and expanded services are being delivered, says the statement.

$10m for justice reinvestment: Only community-led, place based initiatives to be delivered in the Central Australian region (in line with the NT Government’s boundaries) are eligible.

Funding for this program is non-ongoing, and only available through this grant opportunity from 2024–25 to 2026–27.

The objective of this grant opportunity has a specific focus on crime prevention, the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, and diversionary measures relating to the illegal use drugs.

One service will “take a coordination and referral approach to justice reinvestment in the Ngurratjuta region, focusing primarily on the young people of Papunya, Mount Liebig and Haasts Bluff.

“It will connect young people at risk of offending or re-offending with circuit-breaker activities, referrals and support, and bring the communities together to facilitate the first stages of a broader Justice Reinvestment strategy for each of the communities.”

$3.9m for a youth services action plan is currently under development, informed by engagement with young people, community members and other stakeholders across the Central Australian region. Nous Group have been engaged to develop the plan.

The Action Plan will examine how governments can better support young Indigenous people in Central Australia, ensuring they develop and live healthy and productive lives, are strong in Culture and are socially connected, and are positive participants in their communities.

The Action Plan is expected to be finalised between June and July 2024.

$3.6m for up to five junior ranger sites: Consultation with local organisations in three locations is underway in Central Australia.

$7.5m for effective governance to ensure successful delivery: Strong governance arrangements are in place to drive coordination and delivery of the Better Safer Future for Central Australia package.

The National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA) has employed staff in Alice Springs and Canberra to implement the Central Australia Plan and to support the Central Australia Plan Aboriginal Leadership Group hold regular meetings to provide implementation advice.

$10m for digital connectivity: Funding to improve digital connectivity for First Nations communities in Central Australia to be provided through the Regional Connectivity Program.

$0.5m for Wi-Fi Solutions in Alice Springs Town Campus.

$30m for Remote Training Hubs Network to support up to seven remote training hubs to be established as part of the Remote Training Hubs Network.

The first two hubs will be established in the communities of Yuendumu and Ntaria, subject to ongoing community workforce planning and engagement.

$30m for strengthening family and community partnerships to support place-based initiatives in Regional and Remote Central Australia, targeted at strengthening family and community safety. This project is being developed in collaboration with communities.


  1. Question: Shouldn’t $250,000,000 be spent on ALL citizens of Alice and nearby communities?
    My research has revealed that billions have been poured into the minority who are the recipients of this political funding.
    The result has had little impact since I lived and worked in Alice and remote areas of the Territory back in 1969.


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