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Alice shines in Bangtail Muster

Photos and text by ERWIN CHLANDA

It wasn’t hard to follow the theme for this morning’s parade: Smile.

Blue sky, bright sun, zero pollution, the four degrees night soon making way for a perfect 20C day, thousands in the town centre taking part in the Bangtail Muster parade or watching it pass through Todd Mall into Anzac Oval.

The name dates back to cattlemen cutting off the hairy end of cattle’s tails, counting the tufts to keep score of the number of heads mustered.

The first parade was held in March 1959. Then District Officer Bill Nordavan suggested the idea, and together with Frank King, local furniture store owner appointed as chairman, the event was run by the Chamber of Commerce aided by a pound for pound subsidy from the Minister of Territories. 

The parade became an annual event with the then newly–chartered Rotary Club of Alice Springs taking over the running in 1961.


  1. Good. Get the police to do POLICE WORK; not security guard work.
    If the bottle shop needs to hire security, they can do it on their own gold coin.


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