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St Mary’s news just for a few


The NT Government is still silent about its intentions with the former children’s home St Mary’s – at least so far as the public is concerned.

Treasurer Eva Lawler is applying selectively her government’s much touted transparency: A lucky few were taken into her confidence at a Chamber of Commerce function in Alice Springs last Friday.

She told the 30-odd guests that her government will buy the land south of The Gap from the present owner, the Anglican Church.

The News spoke to three people who were at the gathering and confirmed this.

Ms Lawler would not deny nor confirm it.

When the home came on the market last year former residents expressed concern and distress that the history of the facility – where they had spent some of their childhood – may be forgotten. And they asked that some parts of the complex be preserved.



  1. OK. Now I am even more confused. Who is the responsible Minister in this matter? Paech or Lawler? I thought it was Paech from previous reports …. now Lawler is providing private briefings?

  2. News for a few. This needs to be told clearly to everyone. Public funds being used to bailout the church.

  3. So this has been out in public now for almost a week and there is no formal statement from anyone in the NT Government?

  4. Church collection plate now full of public money. How much? Clearly the Treasurer doesn’t know or won’t say. No problems, just get more money from Canberra.

  5. This is actually good news if accurate. Look forward to an outcome that is satisfactory for former residents.

  6. There are so many creative options to fill community needs in the town.
    This is the basis of Christian ethics as I understood them to be, and disappointing that the Church is putting profit before people needs.
    I understood that this was what the Christian ethic was all about. We are all here to help one another.
    Particularly so in elderly housing. As previously described, my elderly mother lived in a retirement village in SA where she bought the small cottage from a trust (Masonic Lodge) at cost. There were 20 cottages in that group and it was a lovely community.
    When she died the cottage was sold at then current increased valuation, her estate got back the original purchase price and the profit went back to the trust to build more houses for the next generation of elderly people.
    Of course the greedy estate agents were cut out and probably still are not happy at missing commissions but it worked perfectly.
    But governments or banks never think laterally or look for community needs as solutions to people / community problems.
    In addition governments – particularly of the current political persuasion – have a tactic of leaving disclosure of already made firm policy until the last minute to avoid losing votes and people discussing and criticising the decisions. It’s all about votes and popularity.

  7. The Fyles Government operates in an announce and defend style. Last minute, here is a pre agreed outcome, don’t question it.
    A modern responsible government needs to genuinely consult and bring the public on that journey to a reasonable outcome that is satisfactory to most people.

  8. They say people get the government they deserve. But the people of the Territory deserve better than this flagrant arrogance.

  9. So Mr Paech, do these Black Lives Matter, or not?
    The only thing that is transparent is your credibility.

  10. Trevor says, in addition governments – particularly of the current political persuasion – have a tactic of leaving disclosure of already made firm policy until the last minute to avoid losing votes and people discussing and criticising the decisions.
    This is right – and all it achieves is to make people feel disempowered and voiceless.

  11. Weeks go by. Still nothing from Chansey Paech and Greg Anderson. How much longer until we know what is going on?

  12. Paech owes the community answers on a few issues now. A growing list.
    He continues to prioritise fluff and selfies over issues of substance.
    Mate, people are sick of your vacillation. Get real. Front up with answers and facts. Shame the CLP are missing in action.
    [ED – Mr Paech is on holidays.]

  13. NT Housing Commission established – looks like they have bought land at Kilgariff. Is this St Mary’s site? How much was paid? Link.

  14. Another secret deal – how many millions of taxpayers dollars have been handed over – and why have we not been told? Chief Minister confirms the land is sol… but Paech says nothing? Do the Ministers talk? Are they a team?

  15. A quiet deal made in the shadows of the Voice debate. Sneaky. Tricky. So there will be housing at Kilgariff – how many houses? Who for? Affordable housing? What about the heritage places? Answers, please.

  16. Politicians are talking about a Voice for Aboriginal people. Has anyone listened to the former residents? Has anyone thought about what they want?

  17. What an arrogant dismissive lot this government is. Burying this information in a statement about a housing authority – on the eve of Friday the 13th … just before a major national vote. How about some honesty about how much has been coughed up to appease these noisy groups?

  18. “Land is also being delivered in Kilgariff in Alice Springs.” What exactly does that mean? Delivered? Bought by government? Gifted?

  19. Philip. Delivered = millions of tax payer dollars handed over for a site that nobody else wanted to buy on the open market – ie. Government bailout.

  20. It would be handy if either the government or the bishop could give an update on this to clear the air. If a decision has been made then we deserve to know.

  21. Paech and Fyles keep ignoring this issue. Maybe they hope it will go away in the outgoing tide of the Voice.


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