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Government gets Anzac Oval but money issues unclear


Planning Minister Eva Lawler says negotiations with the Alice Springs Town Council on compensation for the acquisition of Anzac Oval have now been “successfully finalised” but long-time councillor Eli Melky says while an agreement for the transfer of the land has been made, the dollar amount is still “a work in progress”.

A well-informed source, speaking to the News on the condition of not being named, says the amount will be “no less than $3m”.

Ms Lawler says in a media release that the “historic” National Aboriginal Art Gallery, to be located at the oval against the wishes of many traditional owners, is one step closer with the NT Government “completing the acquisition of the land for the site”.

She says the current site will be transformed into an open, family-friendly community green space with the gallery as the centre piece. The landscaping will also feature Kwatye (water) Play.

Plans for the Anzac Hill precinct include a new visitor information centre, and purpose-built home for Tourism Centre Australia on the old Shell depot site, as well as the realignment of Schwarz Crescent.

“Shaded pathways, lighting and landscaping will connect the various elements of the precinct together and to the CBD,” says Ms Lawler.

Construction of the Gallery is expected to commence in 2024. Anzac Oval will still be accessible to the public before construction begins.

A new multi-purpose community precinct will be constructed at the Kilgariff Estate (Google Earth image at top) that will incorporate two playing surfaces and supporting infrastructure for use by rugby league and rugby union, and the general community.


  1. Bad, shortsighted decision again.
    The gallery should have been in conjunction with Yirara and used as a training venue for the young people whose culture it is supposed to demonstrate.
    They have missed a golden opportunity to develop the whole area between The Gap and the airport as a dedicated tourism precinct for the whole of the NT and based around a dedicated tourism facility at the Transport Hall of Fame. Just as it happened at Winton (hugely popular and a major success).
    Amazing what political egos will do.

  2. @ Trevor Shiel: Disagree Trevor. Going back years there have been many insider accounts of the poor behaviour of Yirara College students.
    Recently there was a post that highlighted the lack of consequences for serious misbehaviour. Do we really want Yirara to be part of the valuable tourist industry?

  3. The Oval was owned by the ratepayers.
    The amount of $3.66m compensation payout for the compulsory acquisition of Anzac Oval received by the Council should be shared between the ratepayers but instead the rates are going up.


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