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Will someone fix all this criminality?


When will someone do something to fix all this criminality?

Last night I called the police, because a woman was screaming, shouting and throwing rocks in the Eastside.

Tonight, while I was driving along the main road (MacDonald) a bunch of kids threw rocks at my car, scratched it.

It’s time to protest and demonstrate against this current situation!

Lots of people are leaving for that reason, and the town is become even more unliveable.

Alex Morelli, Alice Springs

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  1. This has been an ongoing problem for 40 years.
    The people in Alice Springs need to be more proactive and not tolerate this behaviour.
    The police force in Alice Springs needs to be more assertive in their jobs. The bottom line is, are they doing their job?
    The other question is should the Indigenous adults take more responsibility for their children?
    Too much freedom has been given to the Indigenous and they know what they can get away with.
    Maybe new laws need to be made. Reduction in welfare.

  2. Too much freedom, laws to reduce welfare, and more assertive police, as solutions suggested by Bronte are all targeted to ensure that Aboriginal people are not welcome on their own country. These types of solutions are self-defeating and racist in origin and will do little but maintain the status quo.
    Yes, adults need to understand and face the consequences of their lack off parenting responsibilities. Yes, perpetrators of violence and vandalism should endure consequences of their actions. Yes, we should all drink less. Most of all we should all try to understand why crimes against us all happen and why our environment causes such division.
    Programs and services to develop good living amongst us must have the right intent and which benefits us all as a whole.
    We need to find ways to live in harmony, celebrate our uniqueness, differences and diversity. We must learn to give and take to ensure that harmony for the common good.
    Alice Springs is a good town and currently my home. Yes, there are serious problems amongst us. What we have tried over the past 40 years or so obviously have had little effect.
    This is not an Aboriginal problem. It is a problem that we all must own and deal with collectively without alienating each other or stereotyping the differences amongst us.
    We have so much creativity amongst us and solutions can be found through the simple act of engaging with each other.
    Engaging and entering relationships with each other that will stimulate ways forward and will ensure peace amongst us. There is no quick fix for the violence and vandalism we all see and experience however as Bronte says we should never tolerate it. We should call it out and act on it. It is unacceptable. What can we do about it?
    Let us continue to engage each other now. Say g’day to each other as we pass in the streets. Assist our neighbours as we did so well during the recent weather phenomena.
    Participate in events that the mighty Alice is so good at. Dream big. Imagine the creation of a huge, annual ‘Corroborree’ event that celebrates the Aboriginal and Torress Strait Islanders cultures of this country and brings the world to us. Celebrate the creation of the Australian Indigenous Art Gallery that we all so look forward to. The dreaming never ends. It will put us at good stead.
    It took us a long time to get the Aboriginal and Torress Strait Islander flag to fly proudly on ANZAC Hill alongside the Australian flag. For me that was a turning point for Alice Springs.
    Let’s all hold our heads high. Let’s find ways to make Alice Springs the most extraordinary of places that welcomes us all.

  3. All lovely words but no answers. From Carnarvon to Broome down to the Alice all these towns are experiencing the same rise in crime and anti social criminal activity and almost all of it is being carried out by Aboriginal Youth.
    Parents and elders MUST get these kids under control and be more proactive in preventing these kids acting like this.
    Police can only do so much when even they are now the target of these criminals who are not only driving many shop owners away but also members of the general public are moving away from these towns as crime runs rampant.
    Get these kids into remote boot camps run by people who can turn them around with the help of caring elders and get them away from their mates who encourage this crime and love nothing more than to see themselves on any one of the many forms of social media out there.
    Once these kids are turned around then hold your heads up high but until them be ashamed of how these children behave.

  4. One question to Michael Gravener: If these crimes were happening in the communities, how would the youth be dealt with?
    Would the people / elders of the community accept it? Would they be angry?

  5. Having lived in Alice Springs, and worked as a security guard, I have helped many Indigenous people. Calling for ambulances, assisting with their broken-down vehicles, just talking to them.
    There is no excuse for young youths to be in criminal acts.
    Where are their parents / grandparents? Cannot blame white man. A good solution would be work. Idle hands cause mischief.

  6. @ Bronte Zadow: Your question: If these crimes were happening in the communities, how would the youth be dealt with? Would the people / elders of the community accept it? Would they be angry?
    Community members may not like it but they would accept the offending as the expected craziness of youth.
    Far more important to them is that youth remain responsible and caring members of their own families, doting on babies and younger relatives etc. This expectation is almost invariably met.
    Far from the youth being dealt with for their offending, they would be protected by their extended families and certainly not punished.
    There would be no stigma attached to offenders for court sentencing or prison, these being completely normalised in their society.

  7. Australia lost its own culture over the past 20 years. We followed the USA into just about everything.
    The USA exports a culture of gun violence and criminality through racism in its own black community.
    Through social media, like Tik Tok, Facebook and Instagram this culture has spread to Australia. The young kids want to be “bad arse” like the sports and music icons coming out of the USA.
    If only the Indigenous youth of Australia would understand they are different to the African American. The Indigenous Australians can still live on country. The African Americans have lost that connection.
    It is the adoption of the culture from the USA that is the basis for the problems we are facing today. Forever wars and the destruction of a world of diverse culture is at the centre of US hegemony.
    Capitalism, which is at the centre of US hegemony, is past its used by date. At its core GDP must increase so the USA can say it is the most successful country in the world when in fact the infrastructure and quality of life is falling.
    The movement of money is having a negative affect on peoples quality of life throughout the world.
    When we measure success differently, and only then, can we start to solve the problems in the article above.
    Seeing employees as an asset to business instead of a cost is a good start.
    Showing these kids that bling only brings about more anguish and hate due to the competition to acquire it.
    These kids want attention so why not have an area of country where competitions between these kids and police.
    The police have to chase the kids through country. Using bush skills to evade capture. Allow them to put that on Tik Tok. Showing how their culture can make the police look arrogant and ignorant.
    The police are trained in US style policing where more and more military style equipment must be purchased.
    Let the kids show how thousands of years of Indigenous law is more powerful then smashing a window and getting the police to chase you through a suburban area.
    All the bright shiny things that people are buying to protect themselves are the same items that are creating the problem and distance between cultures.

  8. Does the NT Child Protection and Care believe adults are responsible for their children?
    Child abuse
    This happens when a child’s basic necessities of life are not met by their parent or caregiver.
    OK, so where is the information for community to learn what and how they can actually deal with this?


  9. The Indigenous people seek recognition and self rule. There’s talk of a treaty. A voice in Parliament.
    They want their needs met more than any other minority group in Australia.
    As I understand, governments have contributed and continue to contribute Australian Dollars to the Indigenous.
    Royalties paid by mining companies, etc, have and are being paid to the Indigenous. Lots of money and handouts.
    God knows where that money is going but obviously not to the needy.
    The big question is: What are the Indigenous actively doing for themselves and for the benefit of the Indigenous people?
    What are they actively doing that would show other Australians that they are capable of self rule?
    Where are the examples our Indigenous elders making sure Indigenous are taught basic morals?
    Where are the examples our Indigenous or elders making sure Indigenous people are suitably educated?
    Where are the examples that Indigenous or elders have in any way contributed to enabling and making sure Indigenous Australians are educated, healthy and honest living members of society?
    A life in Australia without learning the basics is a life destined to be full of problems. Basics that must be passed on from generation to generation. Parents to children. Basics that are needed to succeed in your personal life, family life, community life, in business and commerce and stay within the laws of this land.
    The Indigenous elders and grass roots community surely have a responsibility to make things happen. Get motivated to get organised and improve the social and cultural well being of their people, their families, their communities and their fellow Indigenous.
    So many non productive and negative excuses. We are the victims therefore we need to be looked after. Sitting back and letting others decide what’s best for us. Making excuses about the wrongs in past history. Waiting for future opportunities or ideas. Relying on others to fix our problems.
    Please, no more excuses.
    Positive action on the ground, little by little moving forward and making history for the future survival of Australia’s Indigenous people. Stand strong and be proud of what you can achieve by self help.


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