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Transport Hall to need (some) cash


The finances of the National Road Transport Hall of Fame are “satisfactory” but there would still be a need to “maximise income and actively seek external funding”.

That’s the view of Rex Mooney who three weeks ago took the reins of the iconic institution from Rosey Batt of Adelaide law firm Rosey Batt and Associates.

The law firm had been put in charge in July 2019 after long time tensions between the NT Government, responsible for the Associations Act, and a national board which had created a famous attraction in The Centre.

Mr Mooney says it is not yet clear to what extent the new team will participate in the new management: this will be worked out at the AGM on 28 November.

Mr Mooney says he had identified 22 items of review ranging from legal and building requirements, OH&S and general audit of the facility.

Last updated 30 October 1.25pm.


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