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Zero tolerance penalties in wake of netball grand final

A spectator has been banned from attending all netball at Pat Gallagher Netball Centre until 30 June 2022 while the Rovers Netball Club has been handed a suspended sanction and a club official reprimanded for breaches of the Code of Behaviour following the ASNA 2021 A Grade Grand Final.

A match tribunal was established by ASNA to hear and consider evidence associated with the alleged breaches of the Code of Behaviour, which included offensive language directed towards umpires and an opposition player.

Following substantiation of those allegations by the tribunal and the handing down of penalties, an appeals committee was established at the request of the Rovers’ Netball Club and that Appeals Committee, independent to the ASNA Board, subsequently dismissed all grounds for appeal.

While the poor behaviour displayed both during and after ASNA 2021 A Grade Grand Final can be attributed to only a small group of people the penalties applied demonstrate that all Clubs associated with the ASNA need to do more to actively manage on and off court behaviour in accordance with its Code of Behaviour, or accept the consequences as a club.

ASNA President John Gaynor reiterated ASNA’s commitment to a zero tolerance to breaches of the code of behaviour: “ASNA is committed to providing a safe, fair, inclusive and enjoyable environment for everyone involved in netball.

“And we need the clubs to be active participants in achieving that aim. The code applies to players, officials, and spectators. I am appealing to our clubs to use these penalties as an example of what happens if not enough attention is paid to reinforcing with their membership that netball should be played with a generosity of spirit and in a decent, honourable, and fair way.

“ASNA is totally committed to fair play and respect for our umpires.” Mr Gaynor said.

Heading into the 2022 Season, ASNA is committed to further working with all Clubs to improve culture, transparency, inclusiveness, and enjoyment for all members of the ASNA.


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