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Hi all,  I’m sending this to lots of friends and some contacts, for interest.

Joshua Burgoyne, I did not receive a reply to my previous email of 30 June 2021, not even an acknowledgement of receipt.  I do hope you will take the time to read this one as my view reflects those of many people in your electorate to whom I have spoken.

Your silly ‘Bugle’ does not reflect the important issues on which we hoped you would represent us.  These include but are not limited to: Pressure on the NT Health service, particularly Alice Springs Hospital; lack of services for Seniors, Aged Care residential beds; the sanctioning of Old Timers; fracking; climate emergency; youth diversion programs; Covid health responses; Covid economic responses; National Aboriginal Art Gallery especially the unsuitable location; upcoming Federal elections; NT Budget issues; social housing (condition of and lack of); poor urban planning; NT ICAC and police management issues; tourism; roads; poor NT Government tendering practices; anti-social behaviour.

As my elected member I would like you to publish CLP Policies on all major issues with the relevant CLP opposition spokesperson contact details; more detailed information on recent and upcoming parliamentary sittings, the agendas and expected outcomes etc; your own response to the critical issues facing the NT and your electorate as listed above.

As a voter I do not want my intelligence and concern for my community muddied by communications from my elected Member to be jolly public relations exercises apparently pitched at the lowest common denominator.  Can’t you please do better?

Firstly, I do not require or value a letter from you on my birthday.  My birthday is completely irrelevant to the business of government in the NT.  A number of friends have commented that receiving their birthday letters is a bit like a big brother feeling, spooky and unpleasant.

Secondly given the issues of your electorate, a Seniors Lunch is not a priority for me, and nor should it be for you.

While I am sure that the birth of your first child is very important to you , it is also not relevant to the business of government, and in my opinion should not be the lead story in your ‘Bugle’ communication.

I find the whole ‘Bugle’, with its emphasis on lightweight and jolly is just awful.  I don’t need as an Alice Springs resident a list of major events recently-held events and other self-congratulatory items.

Mentions of the bike jumps, dog park are OK but are Council initiatives relevant as they are covered in Council news.

I don’t see missing bollards and bent street signs etc. of much significance.

The Sporting Community pages may be relevant since we no longer have the Advocate and may be appreciated by the community but two pages of puzzles are just an insult to your electorate.

Kind regards, Christine Godden, Eastside resident.


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