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Covid reporting doesn’t work


This Covid thing is going to stay with us for a very long time. Compliance with Chief Health Officer directions will be more critical as time goes on and the contract tracing will be also be vital.

So it stands to reason that business that are noncompliant by not mandating that customers sign in, will need to be reported for noncompliance.

I am amazed that there are so many places that allow people in, without asking them to scan in or use the visitor book and these places are contributing the risk of passing on the virus, without ever being able to trace its origin.

Conversely, there are many businesses that do push it, so the system falls down due to inconsistency.

As times get tougher, some may feel that they will deter customers  by asking them to sign in, but if they all enforced it, it would become the norm. At the moment, those who ask customers to sign in, may be discriminated against, for doing the right thing.

I’m personally bewildered why some people think that they are not required to sign in. Is it that they think they are special?

We are encouraged to report non compliance, but it would appear that it’s very difficult

I refer to this site:

If you are using Chrome or Firefox, you cannot enter a time that is before “now”.

So, if you want to report noncompliance for yesterday, say 12 noon, and it’s 09:00 now, it won’t let you. So, perhaps people have given up on reporting noncompliance, because they can’t do it accurately or easily.

Interesting though, that if you are using Safari, it works and you can set the correct time.

So, the big questions is, is the NT Government really interested in noncompliance?

Paul Lewis, Alice Springs

[ED – The News is seeking comment from Covid Media.]


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