Jacinta Price product ‘all style and no substance’


The letter to the Editor which was in this space has been withdrawn by its author, Neil Rilatt, of Alice Springs.


  1. The Alice Springs News has received the following email by Tom Switzer from the Centre for Independent Studies. It states:
    “A letter to the editor of the Alice Springs News attacks my colleague Jacinta Price and impugns the motives of the think tank that I run.
    “Readers can decide for themselves the quality of the publication’s merit.
    “But I would to correct a plain lie. According to letter writer, Neil Rilatt from Alice Springs, the Centre for Independent Studies is partly funded by Gina Reinhardt and the Murdoch media empire. There is no evidence for either claim. CIS is funded by mainly individuals who support our classical liberal principles. We have not received financial support from either Gina or Rupert, though I have met both of them in my previous life as a journalist. None.”

  2. It is interesting how we develop a liking for different journalists and their reports. In mainstream media, over the years, I developed a liking for the articles of Tom Switzer, who is generally regarded to be a right wing political conservative.
    On the other hand, I also like the reporting of Greg Baum of The Age. Greg is generally regarded as a Left wing political progressive.
    It would be interesting to know if other readers of Alice News have a similar mixed bag of respect for individual journos of left and right political views.

  3. Good on you John Bell. I often look at various viewpoints that get labelled with a something ‘wing slant to decide or compare the ‘isms that may then be associated with that particular journalistic writing pattern and you know what, there is nothing better than a journalist who knows their craft and just keeps you interested and coming back for more.
    Bit like having a wonderful partner. 🤩
    A great way, in my opinion, to keep the mind open to contradiction and downright opportunism and to keep alive the prospect of interpreting our way through a conversation.
    Now that can be fun if not taken too seriously.
    We should all be at peace with ourselves when we can get motivated enough to compliment another person’s opinion, after all, it is just an opinion that can be persuaded or open to change.
    All part of the enjoyment I guess of being alive with a healthy mind.
    Hope that wasn’t to deep. 🧐🤨


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