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A night in the work of security guards

A small army of security guards in the streets, shopping centres and public buildings of Alice Springs are stemming the tide of vandalism and petty crime.

These are two shorthand accounts by staff from O’Brien Security, with minor edits made by the Alice Springs News.

The four digit numbers are times.

Ghan incidents.

2035 Observe group of about 12 juveniles in front of locos. The juveniles moved on via industrial site.

2100 Multiples juveniles at external fence line Stuart Highway, kicking the fence panels, running onto site and running out.

2135 Observe groups of juveniles on by stock pile area. They eventually moved on.

2140 Female and male Aboriginals arguing by the creek terminal side. Moved on when presence felt.

2145 Police shift supervisor on site liaising with loco driver, supervisor then left.

2200 Security at Larapinta crossing. Ghan getting ready to depart.

Approx 2205 Call from train drivers, multiple juveniles on site running towards the train. Security attended front of locos, observed multiples running towards the train as it was moving.

Security shouted at juveniles to stop as the train was moving. Train driver sounding horn. These juveniles completely ignored security to stop. Shouting out fuck you, get fucked.

One male juvenile then threw a full can of soft drink at security, hitting security in the side of the head.

Security called over the radio to the train drivers to stay where they are as we calling 000 for police immediate attendance.

As security was on the phone to the call centre two police officers on push bikes on site.  Security advised police what had just taken place.

As police were on site Security advised the train drivers they can now depart.

The actions of these juveniles was extremely dangerous in particular running in front of the train as it was moving.

To be followed up by day shift.


Old Timers antisocial behaviour.

2009 Cottages residents advised the rock throwing has escalated again.

Juveniles from the camp throwing rocks and sticks, one a metre in length, at the cottages. These juveniles continue to throw projectiles over the fence and at the direction of the cottages despite police being advised numerous times and security advising juveniles not to do this dangerous act.

There is a genuine concern for the welfare of residents staff and visitors and if this practice continues by these juveniles it is only a matter of time before someone is hurt.

Residents have been advised to keep calling patrols and including police continue to monitor juvenile activity and report any rock throwing incidents from patrols.

PHOTOS taken at the Old Timers by a security guard.


  1. Tangentyere is responsible for the town camps, so why not get on to them to talk to their members. If it continues, get rid of the camp, it shouldn’t be there anyway.

  2. Fed Up, where do you come from?
    Alice Springs town camps are officially called Alice Springs Community Living Areas.
    Saying that the camp should not be there is like saying you have no reason to be in Australia. Sorry mate.

  3. Evelyn, the town camps were established for a very particular purpose. They have evolved into what they are now, which is different from their intended purpose, I am sure you know what that was. As far as berating Fed Up, maybe you need to inform Tangentyere they have it wrong.

  4. Thank you, Ray.
    Care to explain here for all to learn why in your opinion Tangentyere have it wrong?

  5. I don’t think you know how the Town Camp was established and the main reason. If you know the history from the start, the so-called intervention is a part of Alice Springs with the so called basic services allowed.
    When you are a visitor is does’t matter where you come from, just like the community, HAVE RESPECT for the Traditional Owners of the land.

  6. Thank you Kamarre.
    Jon, Fed Up: It is very important (a necessity) to learn about the place where you decide to settle. You cannot judge without knowledge.
    I’m sure you’ve heard the expression: “Everyone is entitled to their opinion.”
    In reality you are not entitled to your opinion. You are only entitled to what you can argue for.
    Your opinion is your belief, without proof or evidence, but a fact is something which is true and cannot be argued.

  7. A security guard friend apprehended a youth with a stolen article outside a major supermarket. The youth’s response when caught was “touch me and I’ll call legal aid”.

  8. Aborigines are no more refugees in their own land that all Australians of foreign ancestry.
    In May 2000, the court recognised coexisting native title rights and interests on most reserves, parks and vacant crown land and waters within Alice Springs (including rights to possess and occupy, use and enjoy the land, and make decisions about the use of the land).
    There is a fundamental difference between the Aborigines ‘view and use of land and that of the whites Europeans have a utilitarian approach which had become a kind of religio-economic dogma permitting them to deny that Aborigines have any rights to the land because they do not put it to economic use like grazing, agriculture, businesses.
    The white settlers took over vast areas of land from the original inhabitants, gradually taking the best land, and used it for farming and grazing, with little attention to Aboriginal needs and wishes.
    In 1973 (in an effort to fulfil campaign promises to Aborigines) the newly elected Commonwealth Labor Government took steps in the direction of redressing the historical injustices which had deprived Aborigines of any rights to land.
    To read before judging and talking and judging: The Australian Development Studies Centre National University Monograph no. 26, Black out in Alice A history of the establishment and development of town camps in Alice Springs.
    M Heppell and J J Wigley


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