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Melky to stand for Mayor in August


Councillor for 10 years Eli Melky will be standing for Mayor in the local government election in August on a platform of “a strong track record in financial management” as well being able to deal with “the unacceptable level of crime that consumes our community”.

A persistent advocate for a curfew Cr Melky says: “The Mayor must have a vision to get us back to a time of safe community living, a time where we can go shopping, dine out, go to the movies without fear, a time without intruders in our homes while we sleep, our cars taken without permission and business and shop fronts damaged or vandalised senselessly.”

Cr Melky saved the council more than $100,000 by restructuring the repayment of the civic centre loan and he supported a zero rate rise last year as Covid-19 struck.

He says the town “must find its way through the toughest times, possibly in our history … back to that time where it was much safer to live in one of the most iconic towns in Australia.

“It will be my sole mission to ensure the voices and concerns of our community are heard loud and clear in all the halls of power, be it Territory or Federal.”

Cr Melky says he will consider standing for councillor as well but his focus will be on becoming the Mayor.

PHOTO: Cr Melky is making a point at a rally in 2012.


  1. “Cr Melky saved the council more than $100,000 by restructuring the repayment of the civic centre loan”
    This is a big claim.
    Evidence please.
    And, since when did Cr Melky have sole control of the council finances?

  2. @ Charlie Carter: You’re invited to google the detailed coverage in the Alice Springs News archive of Cr Melky’s initiative, including here.
    Erwin Chlanda, Editor

  3. Erwin, I’ve now read the coverage.
    The point I was trying to make was that the sentence would be more accurate if it included the words “initiated, and convinced the Council to restructure…”
    The bold claim sounded like a straight lift from Melky’s press release.
    [ED – Well, Charlie, it wasn’t.]

  4. Unacceptable level of crime, home invasion, vehicle theft, shops vandalised, fear whilst shopping, dining out and going to movies, verbally and physically abused in public.
    Sound like a black lives matter demonstration BUT NO, it’s Alice Springs 2021.
    Not a good place to live, is it??? Do your very best Eli, to clean up the wild centre.


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