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Alice to get more internet speed

Alice Springs and close-by suburbs Araluen, Braitling, Ciccone, Desert Springs, East Side, Gillen, Ilparpa, Larapinta, Ross, Sadadeen and The Gap are getting “ultrafast internet speeds” under the NBN’s next tranche of its $4.5 billion network investment plan.

Communications Minister Paul Fletcher says in a media release the work will be finished by 2023, “passing at the street level in areas connected to the National Broadband Network’s Fibre to the Node technology”.

Senator Sam McMahon says: “Households and businesses will be able to access NBN Co’s fastest internet plans of up to one gigabit per second, which will allow for 4K streaming on multiple devices concurrently, enhance the online gaming experience and better support Australians working from home.”

IMAGE: Wolumla ground station, NBN.


  1. Ilparpa does not have National Broadband Network’s Fibre to the Node internet.
    Therefore, Ilparpa residents will not be able to access NBN Co’s fastest internet plans of up to one gigabit per second.
    The National Broadband Network’s fibre cable runs along Ilparpa road, but does not connect to any residential properties at Ilparpa or White Gums.
    All internet in Ilparpa is either satellite internet or internet via mobile hotspot.
    Hence, why 50% of Ilparpa residents wanted the new Telstra Telephone tower built in Ilparpa – because they are the residents getting internet via mobile hotspot.
    The other 50% who did not want the Telstra telephone tower are getting internet via Satellite.

  2. Meanwhile from time to time the scammers ring us up in Yuendumu telling us “now we have NBN” our phone service will be cut off unless we sign up and pay up. They’re decades too early to try that on! (Neither did we buy the Sydney Harbour Bridge.)

  3. @ Craig: What ever happened with the end outcome of the Telstra tower? Did the NIMBYs win and the tower was scrapped?
    I have lived with satellite internet before. It’s not that great at all. How can Illparpa Road have fibre running down the road but no one can tap into it?
    It must be very expensive to create a few nodes and run cables above or below ground to at least the front of every block. I assume a Telstra tower was a lot more cost effective and much cheaper.
    If radiation hazards are an issue for people could a tower be built up on top of the mountain not far off Butler Road? Higher up say at least 300m away from any house?
    Surely one unsightly tall enough tower will not cause radiation hazard problems to people?
    They can always disguise the tower with some darker paint and palm fronds, making it look like a palm tree.

  4. Just any decent internet and phone signal would be great … and I live only 10kms from the CBD.


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