Players named for the week-end netball championships



While most of the KFC Alice Springs Netball Association enjoy a weekend off, 68 players, their coaches, managers and a group of umpires will be representing the town in the NT Link Championship from Friday to Sunday.

Alice Springs has seven teams – two in 13-and-under, two in 15-and-under, two in 17-and-under and one 19-and-under.

Teams 69 are coming from Darwin, Palmerston and Katherine for the event.

In all, there will be 56 games.

The 13s and 15s will play five round robin games before the semi finals and grand final on Sunday. So they could play seven games for the weekend.

The 17s have a similar schedule except there are games against the Alice Springs and Darwins 19-and-unders before their Sunday finals.

Apart from the games against the 17s, the Alice Springs 19s will play a three-game series against Darwin 19s on Sunday.

The Alice Springs teams are:-

19-and-under – Ella Adami, Matilda Baldwin, Ellie Herbert, Lucy Nicolai, Ailis Nolan, Milly Scollen, Molly Southam, Lara Strachan, Brooke Wilson, Carly Wilson. Co-coaches: Taryn Wilson, Leanne Southam. Manager: Isabella Nicolai.

17-and-under Black – Chloe Bethel, Adele Johnson, Amelia Napier, Charlotte O’Neill, Chelsea Pomfret, Isabelle Ross, Charlotte Rudd, Carly Scarbossa, Jayla Shacklady, Christa Ziem-Dicker.  Coach: Chloe Southam. Manager: Sherelle Dowell.

17-and-under Yellow – Kaleisha Bigg, Bianca Dyker, Aimee Gilbert, Bonnie Lesiak,Brianna Lorkin, Kyanne Priestley, Holly Strawbridge, Kristy Wapper. Coach: Rawina Schwalger.

15-and-under Black – Julia Antonelli, Nellie Crellin, Sadie Jakubiszyn, Elizabeth Johnson, Chloe Loza, Grace Muir, Shila Salei, Rania Shelford, Georgia van Haaren, Kayla Wilkie. Coach: Alecia Pegram. Manager: Terri van Haaren.

15-and-under Yellow – Lacy Brown, Lydia Budrikis, Alyssa Davies, Nova Donohoe, Ramona Dooley, Ruby Leembruggen, Misha Levot, Caitlin Marsh, Jade Schooner, Issy Treloar. Coach: Heaven Hansen. Manager: Karla Goodman.

13-and-under Black – Mia Auricht, Kai-Ella Ford, Elli Gilbert, Reiaura Horner, Lexie James, Eden Joachim, Natalie Mupamhadzi, Acacia Tipene, Savannah van Haaren, Elva Williams. Coach: Samantha Williams. Manager: Tiernagh Parnell.

13-and-under Yellow – Lily Blinco (co-captain), Macey Fraser, Annasteene Gibson, Eden Leembruggen, Jessica Mack, Christen Maritz, Molly Murphy (co-captain), Clara Schmidt, Lucy Southam, Eilish White. Coach: Cheryl Talbot. Manager: Tanya Gibon

Games start at 5.30pm on Friday, 9am Saturday and 8,30am on Sunday.


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