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“Horrific, terrifying” assault on woman

Police describe as a “horrific and terrifying incident” the assault on a woman early yesterday evening on the south Stuart Highway near the Old Timers Camp (Google Earth photo).

At 7:20pm the 48-year-old realised she was being followed by a man unknown to her, according to a police report.

Police allege he forcibly removed her backpack. She fought back and regained her backpack and was punched in the process.

The woman broke free and ran south towards St Mary’s where she called her husband. The offender threw rocks at her.

The husband arrived on scene and confronted the offender before taking his wife to hospital where she was treated for injuries sustained during the incident.

Members of Strike Force Viper are making inquiries “around a person of interest” and are seeking witnesses.

“The victim is a woman of African appearance and was wearing a light grey singlet and dark grey leggings,” police say.

“The offender is an adult Indigenous male who was wearing a black jumper.

“We are seeking motorists with dash cam footage or witnesses who saw the assault.”


  1. If I was the husband I would have 100% ( . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .) so the “offender” would never ever, ever do that again.
    Fill in the gaps, but be careful not to offend anyone as there is this very un-Australian limp wristed culture now that (. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .)
    Don’t forget, don’t offend anyone, as you will be condemned more severely than the cockroach that attacked this defenceless woman.
    My name is Allen, I come from a position of strength, so any negative comments will be like a boomerang bouncing off a M41A3 Walker Bulldog tank used in the Vietnam war.

  2. @ Allen: I agree with you, but if you really want to help from your “position of strength” be open with your name and do not use a pseudo which means that for a reason or another you do not have the courage to voice your opinion and who knows you could meet your Dien Bien Phu.

  3. Evelyne Roullet, it’s reassuring you agree with me, but I won’t be drawn into a conversation conflict on social media. Oh, by the way, my name is Allen.

  4. @ Allen: You may have personal reasons for not stating your identity, be it fear of on-line criticism, physical harm of possibly losing your job, but you need to accept that, by hiding behind anonymity, you are part of the “limp wristed culture” you are so critical of.
    Look at the Strike4Climate school kids or the recent women’s demonstrations in Canberra for true Aussie courage.
    They are not afraid to show their faces, shout out their criticisms loud and clear, and damn the consequences.
    It seems to me that commentators using pseudonyms tend to use of a lot of words to say [nothing]. Just how does your cryptic diatribe help in finding solutions, or even adding to the conversation? Let me suggest: Less time writing, more time thinking.

  5. Domenico, you come across as a wonderful man.
    I do hope your identity assists you and your family because, like Allen, everyone has the right to freedom of speech, especially as Aussies. May not satisfy everyone’s curiosity though.
    To not satisfy whatever it is that you feel could be achieved by not hiding behind anonymity, well forget it. That’s a choice for the editor here.
    Unfortunately, a majority of women have had to use anonymity because of violent partners, to protect themselves and their children.
    Nothing “limp wristed” about that.
    We are all human beings with a point of view and you can choose to reply, or not, to our comments that are printed in the Alice Springs News.
    You could of course remind anyone who takes the time to write, that you don’t agree with their point of view! That’s a bit more civil.
    I for one can assure you that what I write is not about “nothing”.
    It’s about issues that I, and maybe Allen, have no intentions other than to maybe enlighten readers, maybe even get a decent reply from someone who may be really deeply troubled and grateful. Think about it!
    Many pseudonyms have done many good things for their communities and country throughout life.
    Maybe read up on some.


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