Branch office in paradise



The flipside of missing out on overseas travel is engaging in its domestic variety, going to the kind of places people from the world over usually spend very large amounts of money to come and visit.

Combine this with advancing IT facilities even in the remotest places in The Centre and you can link enjoying our superb landscape with running your office.

For example, the kiosk at Ormiston Gorge supplements its good food with Optus mobile phone service, as well as a Skymuster NBN satellite service, both of which will put you online.

All this is five minutes walk from the gorge, full of water to the brim, a sensational place for a swim.

In this spirit, that’s from where I am bringing this story to you.

Recovering from the January 2019 fires the national park is getting a shot in the arm from the fabulous rains in the past couple of weeks, with the river as full as I’ve ever seen it in my nearly 50 years in The Centre.

The News will invite Tourism Central Australia and our readers to work with us on a series we’ll call Branch Office in Paradise.

See you there!


  1. Ahhh the beauteous melody of ringtones on the Ghost Gum Walk, and the expansive vistas of Zoom meetings on the viewing platform!


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