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Alice facing new blackout: CLP


Sir – The criticism levelled at the Essential Service’s Minister over her response to the catastrophic Alice Springs System Black outage, which left 12,000 customers without power for up to 10 hours, is damning, describing the current situation as suboptimal.

All 33 recommendations stemming from the independent investigation into the October 2019 blackout were supposed to be implemented by December 2020, yet close to a dozen remain outstanding.

The report specifies that the Labor Minister refused to make decisions about the implementation timelines, leaving Power and Water Corporation, Territory Generation and Alice Springs residents in limbo.

“The Gunner Labor Government needs to explain why these crucial issues have still not been permanently addressed and why there are no clear timeframes to address them.

What’s most concerning is the report highlights that 16 months of inaction by the relevant Minister means the Alice Springs power system remains at risk of another major system failure.

Leader of the Opposition, Lia Finocchiaro (pictured)


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