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Rebel roosters in prison – a security threat?


The Commissioner of Corrective Services, Scott McNairn, has blocked enquiries about roosters sequestered at the Alice Springs prison “because of operational and security reasons”.

Mr McNairn (pictured) did not respond to requests from the Alice Springs News to explain his decision.

The birds are taken to the prison – about 25km outside Alice Springs – when their back-yard crowing drives people living in town around the twist.

The rebel roosters gained some national notoriety appearing in an ABC Rural program in May 2017 by Katrina Beavan (this is her photo) and in the book This Chicken Life: Stories of Chickens and the Australians who Love them by Fiona Scott-Norman and Ilana Rose in November 2019.

The News thought it was time for an update: Are the roosters rehabilitating? Are they remorseful? Do they deserve parole?

It would be a light-hearted piece in contrast to the frequent accounts of the grotesque mass incarceration in this town.

A “good news” story that fell on deaf bureaucratic ears.


  1. Hello! Thanks for such a hilarious article. This article cheered me up.
    It seems to me that it is time to let these rebel roosters go back to their homes. They have already served their term and it is time to return to their homeland.
    And if it’s no joke, then this is really a problem when your neighbours have very noisy roosters. I had to live with such neighbours for a couple of months and it was a nightmare.
    Considering that I have chronic insomnia and I went to bed very late and these roosters woke me up every morning at 4am.


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